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About BAK

BAK Industries was started in 1988 by Julian and Ivan Maimin to manufacture bed liners and caps, then in the beginning of 2000 the company evolved into one designing and manufacturing a tonneau that was a manually operated retractable cover. The company went on to increase its product line offering various styles like a quad-folding style and aluminum slat roll-up style. BAK’s goal of creating a rugged yet aesthetically pleasing style has led to its phenomenal success in the marketplace.

Introducing industry changing products like the BAKFlip Tonneau has been the key to the success of BAK, and Truck Hero recognized the significance the company had on the marketplace and in 2014 added BAK Industries to their family of companies. BAK has continued to design and manufacture products for pickup trucks recognizing that the pickup truck has a significant presence in the marketplace and is not just for business use any longer.

Since the bed is an important part of the pickup truck there is no question that it is necessary not only to protect it but to protect what is in it and thus the increasing need for things like the BAK tonneau. The selection of tonneaus available from BAK is extensive, and there is one designed to meet almost every truck owner’s needs.

The BAKFlip cover offers both the strength of a hard cover but the convenience of easy access, and for 100% bed access you can’t beat the BAKflip rolling series. Need the functionality of an integrated rack system then the BAKflip contractor series should meet your needs for both security and a cargo rack to carry your supplies.

We can’t neglect mentioning the best selling hard folding cover by BAK, the BAKFlip MX4, with all new features like matte-finished cab corner caps and shock absorber bumpers as well as other great improvements. For strength, durability and a great look check out the BAK tonneau covers on the LMPerformance website and find that cover you want for your truck.