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About AMS

It would be hard to argue with 20 years experience in research and development in any field and the forced induction field is no exception so why would you try. AMS Performance has proven over their 20 years that they are capable of providing their customers with an award winning performance system for turbocharged vehicles and their longevity in the marketplace is a testament to that. The fact that AMS Performance is an engineering company with years of motorsports experience makes you confident that they know what they are talking about when it comes to engine performance.

Whether you are a road racer, a drag racer or just a performance driver AMS Performance can offer you a product that will improve your driving experience.

Couple the experience of AMS Performance with the fact that they not only have a top notch research and development team and use extensive testing programs and you have a winning product for certain.

The line of performance products from AMS Performance is quite extensive and includes transmission parts, custom gauges, front mount intercoolers, intercooler pipes, turbochargers and a potpourri of other products to make your car run the way it should.

AMS Performance continually adds to their product line giving you the optimum in things like brakes, pads, rotors and performance starting and charging components.

You don’t stay in business as long as AMS Performance has and been successful in the process unless you are doing something right and AMS Performance is definitely doing something right.