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About Alcon

We don’t think anyone will dispute the importance of brakes on your car for safety reasons but we also know that not just any brake will do if you are interested in things beyond the safety issue; such as, brakes that you can feel confident about, that make driving easy and for those race enthusiasts brakes that reduce lap times. So let us introduce you to the archetype of brake designers and manufacturers, ALCON. This is a company whose repertoire of products start with something as small as tiny brake-by-wire controllers for Formula E racing cars to calipers needed on 35 tons of armored vehicles. Since the company’s founding in 1983 by John Moore who is both an engineer and sports car racer ALCON has had as its goal customer satisfaction.

Excellence is the key word in describing ALCON whose client base is world wide and whose goal is to satisfy even the most discriminating customer who is interested in extremely high quality and low volume brakes. In addition ALCON designs and manufactures clutches and other automotive components and all are treated with the same engineering excellence as in the ALCON brakes.

ALCON knows that at the heart of all great products is the ability to design something that is better than the competition’s and that not only works better but lasts longer. The importance of research and development is not lost on ALCON and they are always looking toward the future developing new ideas and they do this through the use of primo topology optimization and 3D printing and the revolutionary lattice core constriction.

Simulation has allowed ALCON the ability to improve the quality and efficiency of their products by being able to do such things as examining the way air flows through a disc or adding turbulence-inducing ridges to the vanes. All of this results in a lighter product that has increased thermal efficiency requiring less ducting, improves aerodynamics and creates an ability to slow quicker and be faster everywhere else

And ALCON recognizes the importance of the manufacturing process as the key needed to create the very best products. Consequently, they use the epitome of five axis CNC machines with which to create components from forgings and solid billets of aluminum and all calipers meet the highest standards through extensive quality control. To further assure you of a primo product performance testing and measurement is conducted with ALCON on site dynamometers and their NVH dyno can map all noise issues, vibration and harshness.

The ALCON engineers know that their components must be strong, light and efficient and so they use top notch CAE design software and avant-garde technologies such as topology optimization. But ALCON does not rest on its laurels but rather looks to the future and recognizes every opportunity available with one such opportunity being in the area of 3D printing and lattice core construction.

Whether you are in the market for brakes for your high performance road car or a racer who needs the special brakes ALCON is sure to be able to meet your needs and if you are interested in clutches or other automotive components ALCON might have just what you are looking for.