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4Play Wheels

About 4Play Wheels

OE Wheels®” (O. E. Wheel Distributors, LLC). Incorporated in 2001, OE Wheels® is one of the largest independent wheel distributors in North America. With 21 years since incorporation and 148 combined years of experience on staff, OE Wheels® possesses an inventory base of over 80,000 wheels and 108,000 sq. ft. of warehouse and office space in Sarasota, Florida.

OE WHEELS® / 4PLAY WHEELS® are designed with industry leading style. Our design & engineering team combines experience in wheel design & engineering, strength testing, weight optimization, and did we mention style?

OE Wheels® + 4PLAY WHEELS® are fully equipped for large scale distribution, on time and reliable delivery, unmatched customer support and both US / International shipping capabilities. Near future plans include multiple distribution warehouses strategically located throughout the US, beginning in 2023 with our Salt Lake City, UT distribution center for central and western US order fulfillment.

We maintain a debt free inventory of over 80,000 wheels at any given time. We have a consistent flow of incoming shipments from our ISO 9001 and SAE compliant factories located around the world.

OE Wheel Distributors, LLC officially formed in 2001, and originally specialized in new and refurbished Original Equipment Manufactured wheels. Maintaining the ideology of providing quality, affordable products, OE Wheels® continued to grow and eventually entered the Replica market as well as aftermarket. That coupled with harnessing the reach of e-commerce, OE Wheels now occupies 108,000 square feet of warehouse and office space located in Southwest Florida and has a vast distribution network.

Adding to the OE Wheels®’ product suite, Titan TPMS was introduced in 2011 and the team began introducing 4PLAY® Wheels to the market in late 2016. OE Wheels® has quickly become an industry leader in Aftermarket Auto Parts and a name to recognize in the automotive community.