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About PMAS

A savvy shopper like yourself knows that your engine will be more powerful, run smoother and get better gas mileage with a good air intake system. And there are lots of options in the aftermarket arena and lots of companies to supply you with the system that best suits your individual needs. So it is important to get some insight into the company whose products you are considering and for that reason we are going to introduce you to PMAS, Precision Mass Airflow Solutions.

Their over fourteen years of experience is certainly one accolade worth mentioning but you can couple that with the fact the PMAS is the industry leader in the area of accurately measuring precise air flow so; you see, you have a company worth giving thought to. Although originally established as a company researching, developing and testing air flow related products for the OEM market and aftermarket PMAS eventually emerged as a company manufacturing precision lab-grade and commercial high performance flowmeters.

Then the piece de resistance in 2015 when PMAS began developing complete cold air intake solutions utilizing their experience with fluid dynamics, airflow research and mass airflow sensor design. Today, PMAS can now tout that it is responsible for developing many of the primo performing mass air flow products worldwide and is the holder of a potpourri of related patents.

Just consider those impressive PMAS Air Intake Systems with the 5 inch diameter intake pipes giving you a whooping 60 percent increase in air flow and is up to 85 percent less restrictive. And, think of this, you can custom tune that ride of yours because their PMAS cold air intakes are available without a MAF, but remember a tune will be necessary. But if you prefer not to tune then choose the cold air intakes with a calibrated MAF and then you can do an easy install and be on your way.

And you can expect individually flowing and matching in groups of eight at better than 4 percent on each injector from PMAS and their Specialty Mass Air Flow Housing is especially designed for you Draw-Thru Supercharger/turbo owners.

Need Air Intake Components? Well PMAS has them as well and the stupendous PMAS Plug-n-Play Mass Air Flow Sensor with housing can give you great horsepower results, excellent performance and heightened flow because of the bigger and more free flowing housing and sensors. Just bolt them on to your current OEM system and you are good to go.