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BD Diesel

About BD Diesel

As we all know, family owned businesses do not always succeed but that is not the case with BD Diesel Performance. Since its inception in 1972 as Valley Fuel Injection Ltd as well as when it became recognized under the name BD in 1989 it has been a family owned and operated company that is proud of its product and its success and the introduction of the first brake for Diesel pick-up trucks in 1989 established BD Diesel as a recognized and reputable name in the industry. The 65,000 square foot facility and a complement of over 130 employees affords BD Diesel Performance the opportunity of designing and producing impressive products for both diesel and gas applications.

The extensive array of products available from BD include things like the BD turbocharger that is hand crafted to meet even the most demanding customers needs. The use of precision lathes, milling equipment, honing machines and inspection CMMs guarantee that your product will surpass OEMs specifications. Of course, the BD exhaust brakes are a force to be reckoned with since their resilient cast-iron bodies have an offset stainless steel butterfly that builds peak at an extensive pace. The Positive Air Shutdown assures you that emergency engine shutdown is forthcoming and the turbine diverter valve will improve your turbocharger response time if you have a turbo without Variable Geometry regulation.

BD has a dedicated and experienced team in their Transmission and Torque Convertor Department whose goals are to meet the challenge of transferring all the torque from your diesel engine to your drive wheels while at the same time not compromising shift quality and causing as little noise, vibration and harshness as possible. And since BD is cognizant of the need to keep pace with the times they have a dedicated and impressive electronic department to meet your needs in that area.