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About Airdog

If you are in the market for a diesel fuel air separation system consider purchasing a system with not only longevity as part of its repertoire but also has the honor of being the most desired after-market system for diesel pickups available today. That company is none other than AirDog®. Beginning with the research of Charles Ekstam in 1990 that culminated in the designing of the Fuel Preporator®, the original fuel air separation system for diesel engines, AirDog® has continued to be successful in developing primo products for nearly every diesel engine application.

The effectiveness of the AirDog® high output pump and filtration systems for diesel engines is unequalled in the industry and is touted to be the most effective technology on the market that not only removes water and particulates but also appropriates air and vapor from diesel fuel resulting in fuel economy, added power and increased performance. And, of course, PureFlow AirDog® has its production facility right here in the USA in their impressive 70,000 square foot facility in Shelbyville, Indiana.

Just take a look at one of AirDog’s primo products, the AirDog® II-4G with its state-of-the-art technology that outperforms all other lift pumps in both performance and protection. AirDog® is able to accomplish this through the use of the AirDog’s incomparable patented air separation that is combined with an impressive water separator and fuel filter to assure you of clean fuel in your diesel engine. And if you are driving in higher altitudes there is no need to worry about losing power since the AirDog® II-4G is designed to overcome this. The AirDog® II-4G System will enhance your diesel engine’s performance since it eliminates spray pattern disruption caused by air going into the system thus allowing your engine to retain its designed injection timing. The better burn of the fuel entering the cylinder will improve overall engine efficiency in both power and torque range.