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Dodge Ram Truck Putco Body Armor & Protection Body Armor & Rock Rails: put ssr locker side rails

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  • Dodge Ram Truck Putco Body Armor & Protection Body Armor & Rock Rails: put ssr locker side rails
  • Dodge Ram Truck Putco Body Armor & Protection Body Armor & Rock Rails: put ssr locker side rails
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About Putco

Let’s have a serious conversation about your car’s lighting because as you well know it is one of the most important things on your car affording you the ability to see in even the most difficult situations. And you definitely want lighting that you can depend on in those precarious situations like fog, rain and night time driving and the team at LMPerformance knows you want a product from a company you can feel confident in so let’s take a look at PUTCO. Being in business for over forty eight years is not the only thing to take into consideration when choosing a company for your all important lighting but it certainly deserves some merit.

But let’s take a look at other things about PUTCO such as the fact that they have a top notch facility where they invest in only the best equipment with an in-house LED production line and their offering of products is diverse and designed to meet the needs of truck, auto, SUV and powersports owners. The quality of products from PUTCO is indisputable and their inventiveness has led to their holding over one hundred patents, something certainly to be proud of.

As an example of PUTCO’s ingenuity consider the Nitro-lux LED KIT designed with the highest output ever with its 6500k color temperature, 5000 lumens and a fully anodized non-reflective nickel finish so no inside light ray interference. And for a cool look try the PUTCO BLADE LED Tailgate Light Bar that not only gives you maximum visibility but is eye catching as well. The PUTCO Work Blade LED Light Bar is perfect if you use your vehicle in your work and need to be seen.

The team at PUTCO was not satisfied just offering you lighting so they designed and manufactured products to accessorize your vehicles. The bed protectors by PUTCO are there to protect your truck bed from the inside out with things like the Tonneau Skin, Tailgate guards, Stainless Steel Skins, Full Tailgate Protectors, Full Front Bed Protectors and Front Bed Protectors.

The Bumper Grille and Grille Inserts are second to none and come in a variety of designs that are unique and eye catching and will certainly spruce up your vehicle. And if you want to dress up that vehicle even more, think about the rocker panels from PUTCO that come in stainless steel and black platinum and that not only look great but will give you optimum protection from rocks and road debris.

Lots of dressy chrome trim available from PUTCO if you want to dress up your rear hinges, lip spoiler, tailgate and rear handle, brake lights, tailgate and tail light and others. And if your fenders need a little something extra think of adding the PUTCO Stainless Steel fender trim that is made of 304 Stainless Steel and that comes with the Putco’s NeveRust™ Lifetime Warranty or if you prefer a more subtle look then consider the Black Platinum Fender Trim with its unique black mirror finish.

If you are in the market for lighting or something unique to accessorize your vehicle then you should check out the potpourri of lighting and accessories designed and manufactured by PUTCO and found right here on the LMPerformance website.


These are some of the items you can find at LMPerformance for your Dodge

The Dodge Charger Hellcat Look Hood is now available from DURAFLEX to give your car that extreme performance look without sacrificing quality because it is manufactured with six ounce fiberglass composed of fiberglass, plastic and resins for the ultimate in durability. Rear bumper covers for your Ram to Viper from DURAFLEX are designed to fit your car exactly and come with a black primer finish. hardware kit and instructions for installation making it easy to replace your damaged or worn bumper. In order to help keep the nose of your Avenger, Challenger, Dakota, Dart, Durango or Magnum down so that you reduce under-steer install a Front Lip Under Spoiler Air Dam from DURAFLEX with the same inimitable quality as all the DURAFLEX products. To reduce drag and increase fuel efficiency in your Stealth, Charger, Avenger, Dart and Magnum consider installing a Rear Lip Under Spoiler Air Dam that can help lessen the lift on your car by "spoiling" the airflow and install Rear Wings that provide a down force on your Challenger, Charger, Ram Truck or Stealth for faster cornering and more stability. If you are trying to reduce the down force that occurs when the side air rushes in to your car's underbody, then side skits by DURAFLEX are the answer because they serve to block the air and thus improve down force levels. For styling, covering large tires, hiding rust or body damage around the wheel well or replacing damaged fender flares on your Dodge Challenger then take a look at the DURAFLEX Fender Flares with hand laid six-ounce fiberglass and black finish.

The first Dodge that came off the assembly line was in 1914 and was a five-passenger touring car with a wheelbase of 110 inches and came equipped with a 25 H.P. four cylinder "L" head engine with a 3 7/8 inch bore and a 4 1/2-inch stroke, a cone clutch, and a pressurized fuel system - a far cry from the Dodge in your garage. The Dodge owners of today want more for their cars and performance aftermarket parts can fill that need with a variety of parts for both the exterior and interior and motor. From SPYDER AUTO, one of the foremost providers of aftermarket lighting you can choose lighting for everything from your Avenger to your SPYDER: Fog Lights, Projector Headlights, Halogen Headlights, Projector Fog Lights, LED Fog Lights, LED Tail Lights that are compliant with all federal regulations and are ISO-9000 certified and ISO-9002 certified. Modernize your Dodge Ram with projector headlights that come with singular LED Halos and with LED TAIL lights that are sure to be visible on the road and as an aesthetic addition anytime.

Filtering airborne contaminants so they don't get into your Dodge engine is a big job and over time the air filter can get clogged and can result in a loss in performance, lower fuel economy, misfiring, missing engine or unusual engine sounds. With a K & N performance air filter you will never have to replace your Dodge Air Filter again because it is washable and reusable and can last up to 50,000 miles before you will have to clean it and is also excellent for filtration and air flow and has a Million Mile Warranty An even better solution to increase air flow in everything from your Dodge Avenger to Viper are Cold-Air Kits by K & N because their design helps to multiply air flow making your engine more powerful. The K & N intakes do the job of lessening the restrictions that appear in factory parts and forming a smooth and straight air flow. The K&N High Performance Oil Filter for your Dodge Challenger is designed for heavy use with less risk of damage in situations such as in racing, rally or off-road use and is stronger than the average filter because it is built with thicker walls and has a safety wire attachment plus has a resin permeated cellulose filter medium allowing increased rate of flow.

The CORSA Exhaust Systems for your Dodge Avenger, Challenger, Charger, MAGNUMM, Ram Truck and Viper are a big improvement over your factory exhaust system because they create a less restrictive airway to expel exhaust gases and result in more power. Another reason for choosing the CORSA is the stupendous selection of sound levels available from the Touring Exhaust, the softest sounding system to the XTREME, the most aggressive sounding system and the absence of drone that is so annoying. Additionally, there is no restriction in the design of the system and as a result you will see an improvement in horsepower and engine revolution. CORSA has a variety of exhaust systems available for your car.

The KONI Sprinter Heavy Track Red Shock are the consummate shock absorber for your Dodge Sprinter because they were specifically designed for the SUV or 4X4 and are up-sized for safer handling on the road and in hazardous conditions and can be adjusted off your Dodge. For your Dodge Neon and Avenger the KONI Sport or Street shocks are worth your consideration with the Sport being the best for lowering springs and on some cars are adjustable externally and with the Street being the entry level performance shock that are non-adjustable. The Classic Shocks for your early year Dodge Coronet, Charger and Challenger give your classic car a modern feel and result in better handling and a safer ride on the road and are off-the-car adjustable. The Dodge Charger and Challenger Street T Kit comes with Street Shocks and custom-made lowering springs that are ideally balanced for your individual ride and to avoid pitch and roll.


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