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  • Dodge Ram Truck Banks Power Air Filters - Direct Fit: gbe air filter elements
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Banks Power

About Banks Power

If the president of a company started preparing for his future at the age of 14 I am sure you would be impressed and that is just what happened when the Banks Power president tore down his mother's car to increase its horsepower at just that age but then remarkably two years later the impressive Gale Banks was in the engine business. And he stays involved even today as president of an engineering and manufacturing complex that consists of 12 acres in the San Gabriel Valley town of AZ usa.

Banks Power today is one of the foremost designers and manufacturers of power-enhancing products for everything from trucks to motorhomes and sport utility vehicles and having as a testament to their ingenuity is the fact that Banks Power is the one and only company to have record setting achievements at Bonneville in not only the automobile class but also the truck class. Still not impressed, well what if we told you Banks Power also has achieved titles like “World’s Fastest Passenger Car”, “World’s Fastest Pickup”, “ World’s Fastest Motorhome” and “World’s Fastest Diesel Drag Racing Truck”. And Banks Power has a miscellany of technological achievements to their credit consisting of things like turbocharging marine engines, twin-turbo small block Chevy engines, the Banks OttoMind electronic fuel management module, transmission control systems, exhaust scavenging systems and the iDash DataMonster.

The Banks iDash DataMonster is an extraordinary instrument that gives you the ability to see what is happening in your car so that you get the ultimate in driving experiences. Since it has the ability to monitor, display and data log things like speed, EGT, AFR, RPM and, of course, your engine temperature it is a perfect addition to fine tune your car’s performance. Additionally it lets you calculate Banks proprietary and/or patented information, things like manifold air density, intercooler effectiveness and others and it will log your car’s performance and you can also set custom alerts.

The Pedal Monster by Banks has a whopping thirty levels of control to give you adjustable low speed trim, reverse safety and ActiveSafety circuitry and best of all it is the only OBD-II connected throttle sensitivity controller. Another great product by Banks, the Banks Ram-Air, is designed to give your vehicle maximum airflow through the use of the enclosed cold-air housing, large inlet, super sized filter and excellent design with an airflow that is superior to your stock system.

The Banks’ Intercooler Systems have remarkable testing results showing twenty percent in boost gain, sixty percent in density improvement and twenty percent in air flow through to the radiator all resulting in a quicker response at the throttle, significant increase in power and increased economy. And for your DPF equipped truck owners who want a performance exhaust consider the fact that your DPF cycles acutely high temperatures through your exhaust system but unlike other systems that fail in this area, Banks has developed and patented the Sidekick™ exhaust to rid your car of these perilous temperatures.

And don’t forget to check out the other equally impressive products from Banks, like the Turbo Performance Kits, Tuners and Programmers, Power and Efficiency Systems, and Engine Braking Systems.