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About Centerforce

CENTERFORCE: From its humble beginnings as a small speed shop in Midway City, California, to one of the preeminent manufacturers of high performance clutch kits and pressure plates in the industry CENTERFORCE has stayed true to their commitment of quality, continuous research and product development. And it all started with Bill Hays, the phenomenal hot rod enthusiast, whose desire was to solve problems that were present in the designs of the high performance clutch kits of the day and create a system that would be perfect for non-asbestos friction facings. His ingenuity was responsible for the development of the CENTERFORCE dual friction clutch systems that use the undeniable principles of weight and centrifugal force to create greater clamping loads so necessary in today’s modern clutches and at the same time allowing for easy pedal effort and getting rid of “over-center” issues. And the company continues to be a family run business even today with a location here in the United States in Prescott, Arizona, and they continue to follow in the footsteps of their original founder in the search for excellence in the manufacturing of high performance clutch kits and pressure plates.

The company Midway Industries, Inc. was established in as early as 1982 to meet the public’s demands for the CENTERFORCE dual friction clutch products and it has been responsible for a multiplicity of inventions and patents since its inception with a firm resolve to continue on in their search for new and better products and as a testament to their success they have been proud winners of SEMA and Hot Rod Magazine’s Best New Performance Street Award for the CENTERFORCE Dual Friction Clutch System, and the PWA Manufacturer of the Year Award. Since its inception CENTERFORCE has had as its goal the desire to meet the needs of the high performance racing public and with the myriad of products that bear their name it is easy to see that they have accomplished this and continue to do so through their dedication and inexhaustible search for the best. Looking for more performance parts? Check out our Centerforce Dual Friction Clutch collection here.

The CENTERFORCE Twin Disc Clutch DYAD DS Drive System for your Corvette C7 and available on the LMPERFORMANCE web site has a pressure plate featuring the acclaimed Centrifugal Weight System providing you with inimitable clamp load and with the ball bearing pressure plate so that your pedal effort will be minimal. Additionally, the discs, facings on either side is of a segmented “PUC” style that emanates in exceptional holding capacity and longevity and there is a much lighter billet steel flywheel so that you will see additional RPM. And besides all that with this aftermarket improvement you should experience up to 1300ft/lbs. of torque and have a part that is 16 pounds lighter than your original equipment, and is precision balanced. With all of these enhancements you can be assured of getting the ultimate in clutch systems for outstanding performance both on the street and at the track. Let LMPERFORMANCE help you achieve your car’s optimum when it comes to performance by affording you the opportunity to purchase the CENTERFORCE twin disc Clutch system for your Corvette C7 at a great price and with free shipping.