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De Tomaso

These are some of the items you can find at LMPerformance for your De Tomaso

The De TOMASO manufacturing company produced racing cars as well and sports and luxury vehicles and the PANTERA Si is one of those cars and only 41 of those were produced in all and they came with a lot of standard features even though that was not the norm in Europe where they were made, things such as electric windows, air conditioning and door that buzzed when opened. The PANTERA Si had a powerful horsepower engine and few were made so if you have one then you have a classic and LMPERFORMANCE knows you want the best for your car especially when it comes to your brakes. You want to be able to stop when you have to and if you are using this incredible classic car for racing then that is doubly important and the last thing you want is for them to fail when you are going at racing speeds and trying to control your car to your winning advantage. We know several things go into the creation of a good braking system, the brake pads, the rotors and calipers and they all work together to give us the end result we are looking for - stopping.

When you are thinking about brake pads for your car remember you always have to take into consideration the friction that is being exerted to force your brakes to work. The greater the friction then the more heat you will be expecting your brake pads to accommodate and your failure to consider this will have the consequence of having a brake pad that is not designed for the extreme heat situations you experience in performance driving and will fail perhaps when you need it most. All of these factors are the reason you have to be selective is your quest for brake pads, a small thing with big consequences. We would like to take this opportunity to present to you the Orange stuff Full Race Brake Pads from the consummate manufacturer EBC. The Orange Stuff Full Race Pads were designed with both the racer and street driver in mind and as a consequence perform well in both situations because they are designed to work well from a cold start so important in street use and have a tremendous friction level so they stop quickly. The bedding-in of your new Orange Stuff Full Race Pads will not take long because they have been pre-scorched on the surface to aid you in this necessary precaution. Be assured that they were developed to be stable at the extreme temperatures racing demands and will not cause undue damage to your disks. You need to trust the company that takes your life in their hands and you can trust EBC because they are among the world leaders when it comes to the design and manufacturing of brake components and their goal is to give you a product you can trust and will perform the function for which it was designed - work as an integral part of your complete braking system to give you the best system possible.


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