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About WeatherTech

WEATHERTECH has been around for a long time since 1989 and they have managed to do that because they know what it takes to satisfy their customers and they set very high standards in the area of customer satisfaction from everyone at WEATHERTECH. WEATHERETECH can accomplish this goal not only because they have the latest and best technology has to offer but also because they are cognizant of environmental issues that not only affect their products but affect their marketplace; additionally, they set their standard of excellence in product high so that they are capable of giving you the best. And because of WEATHERTECH’S expertise in the field they have been named as suppliers for a multiplicity of Original Equipment Manufacturers, all three major German luxury automobile manufacturers and a potpourri of other international automobile manufacturers. All of these things are quite impressive and speak to the quality of product WEATHER TECH produces but you have to ask yourself how has the company accomplished this? Well the team at WEATHERTECH knows that you can’t do any of this without primo development engineers and they have aligned themselves with those but they need the right tools and WEATHERTECH gave them the best available for data capture and reverse engineering or complex vehicle geometry to assure perfect fitting products. The next part of the equation, the industrial designers and tool/design manufacturing personnel are afforded preeminent equipment; such as Computer Aided Design and Computer Aided Manufacture software platforms providing precise fits with little waste so that WEATHERTECH can sell you their products at an affordable price. Products like the Sunroof Window Deflector for your Acura, BMW, GMC, Infiniti, KIA, Lexus, Mazda, Toyota and others that will reduce significantly the wind buffeting in the cabin and will, as a plus, help reduce sun glare when the sun is directly overhead. And you can protect those expensive headlights from small stones and other road debris while at the same time protect your headlights from that yellow, discolored look some of them get with the WEATHERTECH LAMPGRUARDS (light guards) for your Acura, Aston Martin, Ferrari, GMC, Infiniti, KIA, Lexus, Mazda, Toyota and a multiplicity of other makes. If you have ever had a crack in your windshield from highway debris such as small stones or a windshield full of splattered bugs then you might want to give the WEATHERTECH Stone and Bug Deflector a try on your Acura, Lexus, Mazda, Jeep, GMC, or a host of other models. If you live in an area where it snows you know how awful the road, your driveway and the sidewalk can get, and if you go to the beach, sand everywhere, or just everyday street and sidewalk dirt and then your bring all of that into your car and onto your great looking carpets; well not any more with WEATHERTECH because you have a couple of choices either the ultimate in protection for your vehicle with the front and rear floor liners for complete protection or if you only need a little protection the front and rear rubber mats for your Acura, KIA, Aston Martin, GMC, Infiniti, Lexus, Mazda Toyota and others and to protect that cargo area try the WEATHERTECH cargo liner. And keep your car cooler in the intolerable heat with a TECHSHADE that can also help with frost build up in the winter when it is reversed and for you truck and SUV owners don’t forget those handy mud flaps to help with road debris. Let LMPERFORMANCE help you protect your car both inside and out with a WEATHERTECH product at a competitive price and with free shipping.


These are some of the items you can find at LMPerformance for your Daihatsu

Daihatsu is Japan’s oldest car manufacturer known for their smaller model cars and off-road vehicles and we are here to help you get the part you need to improve the performance of your car and to protect it on the outside and the inside.

Smell burning when you engage your clutch, or does it not disengage or is difficult to disengage, think about a performance clutch by the renowned manufacturer of high performance aftermarket clutches SPEC. A SPEC clutch on your Daihatsu Charade to replace your broken or underperforming clutch just makes sense because with the use of quality materials like molded KEVLAR based high performance organic lining, KEVLAR discs with steel backing, carbon semi-metallic on one side and Kevlar on the other, carbon semi-metallic 6 puck sprung or un-sprung, carbon semi-metallic full faced material, solid 8 rivet and full metallic discs you will get a clutch with more clamping force and a longer life. You stock clutch cannot probably not compare to the quality of materials used in the SPEC clutch and as a result will not perform as well nor last as long so it just does not make sense to replace it with another stock manufacturer part. If you are using your Daihatsu for performance driving or racing then a performance clutch like SPEC is a must since your clutch gets excessive use causing the temperatures felt by the stock clutch system to be beyond what the clutch can handle your clutch will begin to fail, not a safe situation for performance driving.

Never change your air filter again sounds unbelievable but it is true with a K&N air filter that is just what happens. The K&N air filter for your Applause, Charade, FEROZA and Mira will provide a much higher air flow and first-rate filtration and subsequently an upsurge in performance and expeditious acceleration. And believe this, taking in to consideration your driving habits it may be 50,000 miles before you need to clean it and even then that is all that is required, not replacing, and it comes with a Million Mile Warranty. Also from the inimitable K&N for your Daihatsu MATERIA a High Performance Intake Kit that will cause an upsurge in power because of its oversized air filter and unrestricted exhaust passage. The 57 Series Gen II Air Take Kit from K&N are considerably better than your old replacement filter and, depending on your individual driving habits may not have to be cleaned for up to 100,000 miles and that is incredible.

And to protect your Daihatsu TERIOS carpeting from spills and road debris install Floor Liners from the premier manufacturer of automobile protection products, WEATHERTECH. The floor liners will fit your car “to a tee” since they are first designed using digital laser measurements for exactitude. These are available for both the front and back and for the cargo area consider the WEATHERTECH Cargo Liners made in the same inimitable quality and with the exactitude as the floor liners to provide all the protection you need in the cargo compartment of your Daihatsu. The liners are available in Grey, Black or Tan to match your car’s interior for protection and good looks.


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