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  • Chevrolet Corvette Attack Blue Filters Air Filters - Direct Fit
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Attack Blue Filters

About Attack Blue Filters

Since its inception in 2007, Attack Blue has caught the attention of some of the largest performance, supercharger, air intake and aftermarket companies to provide them with potent filtration systems for optimum performance.

Attack Blue prides itself on its proprietary advanced nanofiber media & for creating unique patent pending designs which helps aide in wringing out the most power from a vehicles intake system with just a filter swap and no tuning.

Better filtration, more power & torque, crisp response & smooth drivability with no surging or “check engine lights”.

We raised the bar by straying away from the typical cotton, gauze material, oil and old technology. Instead we took 2 years and 2 laboratories to create our proprietary advanced dry Nanofiber media. Nanotechnology is superior as far as airflow and filtration.

With Attack Blue Filters, "more power and more filtration" is NOT an oxymoron.

ITS A FACT that nanofibers provide the absolute best air flow while at the same time providing the best filtration over other traditional filtration media. This is indisputable.

Nanofibers are ultra-fine, so much smaller and thinner than traditional spun fibers. This allows you to pack more filtering media in the same amount of space which will still allow air to flow but it creates a treacherous path for dirt & debris so it gets caught up and captured. Independent testing shows Attack Blues dry media catching dirt down to an incredible 0.3 submicron level which is the size of some bacteria! All while still feeding your engine an abundant amount of air.

This submicron level of particulate retention can increase engine life by reducing wear on internal engine surfaces.