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Cadillac Escalade Putco Body Armor & Protection Body Armor & Rock Rails: put steel rocker panels

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  • Cadillac Escalade Putco Body Armor & Protection Body Armor & Rock Rails: put steel rocker panels
  • Cadillac Escalade Putco Body Armor & Protection Body Armor & Rock Rails: put steel rocker panels
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About Putco

Let’s have a serious conversation about your car’s lighting because as you well know it is one of the most important things on your car affording you the ability to see in even the most difficult situations. And you definitely want lighting that you can depend on in those precarious situations like fog, rain and night time driving and the team at LMPerformance knows you want a product from a company you can feel confident in so let’s take a look at PUTCO. Being in business for over forty eight years is not the only thing to take into consideration when choosing a company for your all important lighting but it certainly deserves some merit.

But let’s take a look at other things about PUTCO such as the fact that they have a top notch facility where they invest in only the best equipment with an in-house LED production line and their offering of products is diverse and designed to meet the needs of truck, auto, SUV and powersports owners. The quality of products from PUTCO is indisputable and their inventiveness has led to their holding over one hundred patents, something certainly to be proud of.

As an example of PUTCO’s ingenuity consider the Nitro-lux LED KIT designed with the highest output ever with its 6500k color temperature, 5000 lumens and a fully anodized non-reflective nickel finish so no inside light ray interference. And for a cool look try the PUTCO BLADE LED Tailgate Light Bar that not only gives you maximum visibility but is eye catching as well. The PUTCO Work Blade LED Light Bar is perfect if you use your vehicle in your work and need to be seen.

The team at PUTCO was not satisfied just offering you lighting so they designed and manufactured products to accessorize your vehicles. The bed protectors by PUTCO are there to protect your truck bed from the inside out with things like the Tonneau Skin, Tailgate guards, Stainless Steel Skins, Full Tailgate Protectors, Full Front Bed Protectors and Front Bed Protectors.

The Bumper Grille and Grille Inserts are second to none and come in a variety of designs that are unique and eye catching and will certainly spruce up your vehicle. And if you want to dress up that vehicle even more, think about the rocker panels from PUTCO that come in stainless steel and black platinum and that not only look great but will give you optimum protection from rocks and road debris.

Lots of dressy chrome trim available from PUTCO if you want to dress up your rear hinges, lip spoiler, tailgate and rear handle, brake lights, tailgate and tail light and others. And if your fenders need a little something extra think of adding the PUTCO Stainless Steel fender trim that is made of 304 Stainless Steel and that comes with the Putco’s NeveRust™ Lifetime Warranty or if you prefer a more subtle look then consider the Black Platinum Fender Trim with its unique black mirror finish.

If you are in the market for lighting or something unique to accessorize your vehicle then you should check out the potpourri of lighting and accessories designed and manufactured by PUTCO and found right here on the LMPerformance website.


These are some of the items you can find at LMPerformance for your Cadillac

LMPerformance offers a range of possibilities for your iconic Cadillac when it comes to exhausts thus affording you the option to choose what's best for your car depending on the model and year and your objective.

Cadillac CTS-V see what a difference 100% U.S. made 304 S/S header system designed by American Racing Headers will make when it releases serious horsepower by eliminating one of the most restrictive factory exhaust systems ever. For CTS-V owners needing a complete system American Racing Headers added the Pure Thunder Series Mufflers and 4 Double Walled Polished S/S Tips and the system is manufactured entirely in the U.S so you can be confident of its quality. American Racing Header wanted you to have an outstanding sounding system as well and they wanted the tone to be deep without a rasp so they designed it to be able to endure over 1000 RWHP. For an eye-catching look for both sound and appearance you won’t regret your decision to change to an American Racing Header full exhaust and header system.

You can’t go wrong with a prestigious company like Kooks who has been in business for almost fifty years and has the inimitable reputation to prove it. Whether it be a long tube header, CATTED x-pipe, CATTED connection, off-road connection, off-road X-pipe, or axle back exhaust Kooks headers will exceed the standard you have set for your Cadillac CTS-V and Escalade. KOOKS, one of the first in the stainless steel header revolution, are one of the most innovative and does all their designing, manufacturing and testing right here in the good, old USA. For your CTS-V take a look at the CATTED Connection Pipes, CATTED X-Pipes, Off Road Connection Pipes, Off Road X-Pipes and Long Tube Headers, and for your Escalade check out our Long Tube Headers, Off Road and CATTED Y-Pipes.

For the CTS-V, Escalade and XLR there is the inimitable Billy Boat line of exhaust products that start with the epitome of materials practical for after-cat exhaust applications and the design of the tubing guarantees a perfect fit. The exhaust system for the CTS-V is available as a Touring or x-pipe system, with the Touring System for those who want a milder sound. And for the XLR there is the Fusion, a one-of-a-kind design with two passages that allow the exhaust to travel through with the two outlets for a “quiet side” and a “loud side”.

The consummate manufacturer CORSA can equip your Cadillac CTS-V, Escalade, Seville, STS, and XLR with an inimitable exhaust system such as their cat back exhaust, axle back exhaust, sport system, tips, sport or touring system and pro series. The CORSA exhaust has been engineered and the acoustics styled to coordinate with your make and model so that you will not experience drone yet will have the aggressive sound you want. There are three levels of sound from CORSA from the loudest too softest so that every option is available to you the discriminating buyer.

Another great option for you Cadillac CTS-V, Escalade, CTS and STS owners is the prestigious BORLA with its 7 to 10 percent gains in horsepower and bolt on installation. The BORLA exhaust is a great looking system with the BORLA’S sui generis Inter cooled Tips for an idiosyncratic look e seen ubiquitously on show and street cars providing your vehicle with the same idiosyncratic look as these winners. For your CTS there is the Rear Section Exhaust Touring or the Cat Back System, for the Rear Section S Pipe, Street Cat Back, X Pipe, Rear Section-Touring, Cat-Back, and the MT RWD, for your Escalade the Street Cat-Back, AWD AT, RWD/ AWD AT Cat- Back and the AWD, and for your STS the RWT AT Cat-Back.

Still more choices for your Cadillac CTS-V with the iconic manufacturer Stainless Works, an American manufacturer, whose product line of exhaust systems, headers and off road pipes are made from only the finest more expensive grade stainless and as a consequence will never rust For your CTS-V you will find Off-Road and Cat Back Headers, Exhaust Systems with X-Pipes, Axle-Back Exhausts, Off- Road and Catted with X-Pipes, CATTED with X-Pipes, CATTED, Off-Road, Dual S- Tube System with X-Pipe, Chambered System with X-Pipe, CATTED with Resonator and others.

A power programmer tuner can help you increase your Cadillac's horsepower, torque and fuel efficiency by altering your onboard computer's settings for timing, turbo boosts, fuel-to-air ratio and more and the the DIABLOSPORT Trinity Tuner comes preloaded tunes for your use if you so desire. With the Diablo in Tune i2 performance tuner you can easily aggrandize your car's power, make the throttle more responsive, optimize shift patterns, or even add some bottom-end horsepower and it comes equipped with “Easy Tune” making it a snap to install.

For the CTS, CTS-V and Escalade performance look there is none better than DURAFLEX for a prodigious selection of Hoods, Side Rocker Panels, Skirt Rocker panels, Rear Bumper Covers, Body Kits, Look Hood, Look and Platinum Front Bumper Cover, Platinum Front Bumper Cover, Fenders, Front Lip Under Spoiler Air Dams, Cowl Hoods and more. Parts are model specific and may not be available in all selections for your car but just use the drop down key to find the right DURAFLEX part for your Cadillac, The consummate manufacturer Extreme Dimensions created DURAFLEX by the perfect marriage of fiberglass, plastic, and flex resins for greater durability and a great look.


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