BMW Motorrad R1200 Dynojet Air Filters - Direct Fit: air filter


  • Dynojet
  • Dynojet began with a band of speed demon brothers who had two loves in life: motorcycles and going fast. Their parents worried about their safety on busy roads and told them they had to either knock it off or find a closed track to race on, so they found a track. From then on, they were in love with road racing, mainly using cafe motorcycles. The three of them did all of their own mechanic work, and one brother was found to have a true talent for tuning. This is where the foundations of Dynojet began, true-to-road testing to gain as much power and speed as possible.

    Dynojet found great success tuning carbureted motorcycles, and their release of Jet Kits only furthered that success. When fuel injection hit the market, Dynojet knew they needed a way to fuel tune the new technology. The Power Commander was born. With the Success of Power Commander, Dynojet wanted to create a product that brought even more control to the fuel tuning process. The Power Vision became Dynojet's ...Read More

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