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Bentley Continental BMC Air Filters Air Filters - Drop In

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  • Bentley Continental BMC Air Filters Air Filters - Drop In
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About BMC

In 1973 BMC was nothing more than a distributor for automotive products but then 1n 1996 BMC produced its first filters and it is now one of the foremost brands in both the motorcycle and automotive industry. Currently BMC is an international company and its production includes filters for racing as well as for street use.

You might ask yourself why choose a BMC air filter well we can give you a few things to consider when making your filter choice. First of all the BMC filter has superlative air permeability and higher air flow passage all designed to improve gas mileage and use your fuel in a more efficient manner. Next, BMC contains impurities as small as 7 microns and that translates into greater air filtration overall. Finally testing is done to the strict standards of the ISO 5011, the internationally accepted test protocol for testing air filters and intake kits and it is the choice of a number of Formula 1, Le Mans, MotoGP and World Superbike teams.

BMC air filters make use of cotton for the filters rather than paper which can guarantee you higher air flow because cotton minimizes the loss of air flow pressure. Dense paper filters can cause dirt and grime to build up with the filter. The design of the BMC filter with a special cotton that is soaked with low-viscosity oil can manage the accumulated dirt because the oil layering in effect suspends the contaminant away from the fibres and as a result the filter material is free for the next time it is needed.

And in need of a racing filter than check out the BMC Carbon Racing Filter, a patented high performance sports air filter perfect for competitive as well as road use with its 100% carbon fibre support structure and cotton filter element.


These are some of the items you can find at LMPerformance for your Bentley

The Bentley Continental GT, a great looking luxury car to say the least, was produced by Bentley Motors since 2003 and was originally equipped with a 6.0-liter twin-turbocharged W12 engine and later the 2013 model was equipped with a V8 twin-turbo-4-liter engine. Bentley is proud of their performance and shows it by contesting more than 90 top-level GT races around the globe in 2016.

If you own a Bentley we know you appreciate luxury and great performance and take pride in the appearance of your Continental GT; and the much touted company, Aero Function, a division of the world renowned Extreme Dimensions company, who focuses on exotic and European applications can help improve your Bentley Continental both aesthetically and aerodynamically with the Aero Function Body Kit manufactured for the discriminating owner of high end luxury vehicles. Aero Function's expert in-house production of Carbon Fiber Plastics, a fiber-reinforced polymer with woven strands of carbon fiber, guarantees the perfect combination of durability, flexibility and weight reduction and the unique double-layered primer guarantees ease of painting. The five-piece body kit comes with one front bumper cover, side rocker panels, one rear bumper cover and one trunk spoiler; whereas, the four-piece body kit comes with one front bumper cover, side rocker panels and one rear bumper cover. The body parts are sold separately and are made in the same inimitable quality as the full kits with all plastic parts having seven layers of clear coat for beauty and longevity. The Trunk Spoiler for your Continental GT not only has aesthetic value but can give down force to the rear tires and this means better traction. And the Side Rocker Panels, while definitely an aesthetic improvement, are also an aerodynamic improvement as well since they can block the air that travels under your car producing less drag and creating greater down force that can keep your car more stable at higher speeds by keeping it pressed against the ground. The Aero Function Front Bumper Cover for your Continental GT reinforces your GT bumper and it absorbs the blows that occur during collisions saving the expensive bumper on your GT and it can also aid in protecting your headlights, grille and fenders. The Rear Bumper Cover, also available separately, does essentially the same thing, offers protection to other parts of your car. Rest assured that your body parts will fit perfectly because Aero Function creates their body parts to exacting specifications to give you the ultimate in premium body parts and body kits. The lower weight of the Aero Function body parts is another bonus, that in addition to having a great appearance, by will benefit you tremendously by giving you a speed advantage and faster braking if you are doing anything other than just street driving. And because carbon fiber parts are extremely strong and lightweight they are perfect if racing your Continental GT is your venue and you won’t be disappointed in the carbon fiber product from inimitable Aero Function.


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