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Remus Sport Exhaust

Remus Sport Exhaust

About Remus Sport Exhaust

If you are a high performance car owner the team at LMPerformance knows you demand primo performance from your car's exhaust system and we can offer you the best – REMUS Sport Exhaust. A company that started with as few as five employees and grown to be one of the world leaders in the design and manufacturing of high performance exhaust systems is a force to be reckoned with. Their success in the industry is a testament to the sui generis quality of their products. In less than five years the company went from being an idea to inhabiting a facility that exceeded 129,000 square feet and they have continued to grow over the years adding an impressive research and development center that offered impressive possibilities in the development of mechanical and acoustic features for the discriminating sport enthusiast like yourself.

REMUS knows that the key to success in this competitive industry is staying ahead of the competition by providing primo products that are both innovative and of outstanding quality. For this reason they have established a Research and Development center that is state of the art. And because REMUS Sport Exhaust recognizes that the most important fundamentals of an exceptional exhaust system are the acoustics and the thermal and mechanical properties they have made this the goal of this department. One of the key components is the impressive acoustic sound chamber with a four wheel drive dynamometer that can simulate different parameters for both cars and motorcycles. And in addition, their in-house ISO certified, heated pass-by test section for measuring the noise reflected from accelerating road legal vehicles makes it possible for all of the R&D processes to be handled in house for quality products. Being able to individually optimize sounds in their acoustic laboratory affords REMUS the ability to offer you specific sounds ranging from full racing sound to sonorous street sound. The impressive acoustic test room allows REMUS to block external noise when testing and additionally prevents reflections, echoes and hall effects resulting in conclusive, repeatable measurements necessary for a transcendent product. REMUS Sport Exhaust provides its own heated pass-by test section so that it can measure the noise reflected from the acceleration of road vehicles.

REMUS knows that Research and Development are just one of the keys to an incomparable product and for this reason that use cutting edge machinery assuring you of unbeatable quality. The use of hydro forming and CNC controlled pipe bending machines along with special processing techniques results in a product with superior form and pristine fitment. The thin steel welding process is another key element in production and this is done in both manual form and robotics and this coupled with highly trained employees guarantees the consumer a product that is of inimitable quality.

Because of all of the above this impressive Austrian company can offer the discriminating European and Domestic car owner an exotic exhaust note, second to none, with increased performance as well. REMUS has left no stone unturned when it comes to creating an impressive exhaust system for your car that is perfectly shaped for accurate fitment. The REMUS sport exhaust sounds sportier and growls better than stock (and it weigh less). The difference between stock and REMUS becomes striking when you use the sport exhaust and the X-pipe in combination. Get the sound you want and the performance you deserve with a REMUS exhaust system from LMPerformance, or browse the selection of Remus responders, exhaust tips and pipes below.


These are some of the items you can find at LMPerformance for your Audi

Progress through Technology- is the company ethos and is the core belief that drives the development of every Audi vehicle and if you are the proud owner of an Audi you deserve the best for your vehicle and Late Model Performance wants to help you get what you deserve.

LMPerformance is proud to offer high quality exhaust systems for your Audi by B&B (Billy Boat) Exhausts. B&B Systems feature an exotic sound that is never too loud. B&B Exhausts are made in the USA and are constructed of high Quality 304 Stainless Steel.

The Sport Lowering Springs from B & G Suspension for your Audi 200, 4000, 5000, 80. 90, A3, A4, A5, A6, A8, S4, S5, S6 and TT can give your Audi that race car look but as an added incentive to make the change consider the fact that they will promote better handling and road holding because you are reducing the distance between your car and the floor and as a consequence are altering the air flow under the car. The B&G springs are manufactured to the high standards you want in lowering springs so that they are long lasting and corrosion resistant.

Washable and reusable filters from the inimitable K & N can be beneficial in increasing horsepower in your Audi but consider that with the addition of an air intake system you can eliminate air restrictions built into your factory system for even greater results. The 57 series air intake systems for your A3, Quattro and TT will produce a marked improvement in your engine’s performance and you won’t be disappointed in your decision to make this change. The K&N Performance Kit for your A3, A4, Quattro and TT; the International Kit for the A3, A4, A6, RS4, TT, A6, A3 all have an oversized air filter and are attached to rotationally molded tubes of High Density Polyethylene g for precise shaping so that there is a resultant reduction in turbulence and freer path for air flow into your Audi engine.

Replacing your clutch either out of necessity, improvement or just racing fun will be worth the investment with an outstanding clutch from SPEC. The SPEC products are available as full Clutch Kits, Clutch Disks and Clutch Pressure Plates for your Audi and because SPEC knows not all drivers are alike they offer you a multiplicity of choices for your new clutch so that you can match your clutch to your driving needs rather than matching your driving to your clutch’s needs. Also for the discriminating buyer we have the SPEC billet flywheels, manufactured to the highest standards with a .001 machine tolerance for a perfect seating surface on your Audi clutch for those who need a lighter weight flywheel for their driving demands.

For even more improved performance replace your OEM shocks with the premier high performance shocks from KONI. The KONI shocks and shock and spring kits and are obtainable in the yellow sport that can be used with spring kits, the orange street, and the FSD Gold that adjust automatically to road conditions. KONI Coil Over Kits for your Audi TT, A3 and A4 are an enhancement to your Audi because they produce better road holding and a captivating look and the give you the ability to individualize your ride height. KONI is known worldwide for the manufacture of performance and adjustable shocks that are of superlative quality.

Installing the EIBACH Sway Bar Kit to your Audi A3 will fine-tune the performance handling of your car, reduce body roll and result in improved corner gripping and since it is manufactured by the prestigious EIBACH company you get a million-mile warranty because they believe in their product. Or, better yet, consider the Sport-Plus for your Audi A3 that includes the EIBACH SPORTLINE Springs and Anti-Roll Kit Sway Bars so that you reduce squat during acceleration, body roll and excessive nose-dive. Consider Coil-Over Kits for your A3, A4, S4 and TT to get your Audi looking and performing its best or install lowering kits on your A3, A4, A5, A6, S4, S5 and TT to lower your car's center of gravity resulting in high performance and an extremely low and comfortable ride- all from the prestigious manufacturer EIBACH.

Whether out of necessity because of repair, for improvement in appearance, or for aerodynamics in racing, choosing body parts can be overwhelming.

but with extraordinary manufacturers like Seibon and Duraflex the job is easy. Seibon Carbon components are made of high-quality carbon fiber and whether it be trunk panels for your A4 and A8, Hoods for your A3, A4, A5, A8 or TT, or Rear Wings for your TT you will get the best with Seibon because every part has an exceptional carbon/resin ration for extra strength and comes with a glossy clear coat. The eminent manufacturer Duraflex can indulge your Audi with Body Kits, Bumpers, Rear Lips, Front Spoilers, Door Caps, Fender Flares, Grilles, Hoods, Rear Wings, Side Scoops, Side Skirts and Trunk Panels fabricated from its extraordinary composite of fiberglass, plastic and resins that present you with a product that is eminently more durable at an affordable price and ready for a paint job because they come primed.


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