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About Action Clutch

Not many automotive performance parts companies can trace their beginnings to as far back as 1962 but Action Clutch is just such a company since it was started right here, in the USA, in Los Angeles California in 1962. Although their roots were in the rebuilding of clutches that did not hamper their desire to provide primo quality clutches to the racing aficionados So in the early nineties Action Clutch did just that and they have been supplying local racers with hand assembled clutch kits that are unique in design and second to none.

The Action Clutch company of today is proud to offer their innovative clutches to today’s performance drivers in all categories whether it be a stock built car or high performance race cars because they know that their clutches perform to even the most rigid standards. Their nonpareil engineering practices make it possible for them to create a product that can withstand abuse, much needed in the racing arena and appreciated by the everyday driver as well. The range of products available from Action Clutch meets the needs of the everyday driver with kits designed just for them and it meets the needs of the 1000+drag/drift cars as well.

And, of course, Action Clutch uses only the finest friction materials and components and their SFI approval guarantees their clutches are safe for racing. Best of all pedal feel is less compromised and at higher power there will be less concern running a sprung disc. No need to worry about serious engine or transmission damage because the sprung kits come with spring retainers to make sure that your springs do not pop out under stress.