2005 Acura Integra Project Mu Brake Pads - Racing: pm hc+ brake pads


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  • 2005 Acura Integra Project Mu Brake Pads - Racing: pm hc+ brake pads
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Project Mu

About Project Mu

Thirty years of experience designing and manufacturing brakes and brake products certainly leads you to believe you can trust the products manufactured by that company. Well Project-Mu has that experience and then some since this experience is also in the racing arena, one of the most demanding venues for product testing. Since 1988 Project-Mu, a respected and successful Japanese company and one of the Mackin Industries brands, has been committed to its quest for the best brake systems. The multiplicity of locations around the work including one in Mooresville, NC, means Project-Mu is cognizant of all their customers needs and works to meet these.

Regardless of whether you need a premium braking product or just one for the road the team at Project-Mu has designed one to meet your demands. The Club Racer brake pads by Project-Mu are Super Graphite Metallic and designed for you circuit drivers to give you the stopping power you require in this gruelling terrain. The SCR Pure Plus 6 rotors will outperform other rotors with straight slits because the round slits clean more effectively resulting in improved initial braking, and these rotors are recommended for street and sport driving only.

The Stainless Steel Green Brake Lines from Project-Mu are a sure winner with their sui generis three-tiered structure that affords uncomfortable brake touch and control. And Project-Mu offers a variety of lug nuts; the Hyper made of Chromium-molybdenum, the Super with its exceptional strength and heptagonal shape preventing removal by ordinary means and great for high theft areas and the Racing float with its unique floating aluminum collar that prevents loose screws.

Project-Mu’s racing heritage has served it well in its search for just the right braking products and its reputation of quality of product is recognized throughout the racing community everywhere.