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Blox Racing

About Blox Racing

The import and sport compact performance parts aftermarket arena is represented by an array of impressive companies many of which have been in business longer than BLOX Racing that began its journey in 2003 but that does not necessarily mean BLOX Racing should be discounted when you are in the market for a product for your import or sport compact. Although, relatively speaking, they are one of the new “kids on the block” they have been able to create a significant place for themselves in the aftermarket arena and have established a reputation for providing first rate parts.

Parts like the BLOX Racing Performance Intake Manifold are a testament to the thought and care that is put into the designing and manufacturing of the BLOX Racing line of parts. The manifold’s larger plenum and longer runners create better incoming airflow and are an improvement over your factory manifold and the overall weight of the manifold is reduced to help you get that extra edge when racing.

The BLOX Racing 2.5 inch Mini Race Mufflers are primo products if you are looking to get rid of some weight or have a tight fit. They are, of course, manufactured with high grade T-304 stainless steel and the perforated core with steel packed scrubble is perfect to lower the noise. Performance is not compromised because of the size, a mere 2.35 lbs, and the muffler meets all necessary sanctioning body requirements.

The array of products from BLOX Racing is extensive and includes products for your engine, fuel system, exhaust, suspension and things to enhance your car’s interior and exterior and you can find them right here on the LMPerformance website.