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About MGP

Are you looking for that little added touch of pizazz for your vehicle? Well a slick looking caliper cover might be just the answer to dress up that lackluster factory caliper on your car and the team at LMPERFORMANCE know just the company who can offer you this, MGP CALIPER COVERS.

The manufacturing facility of MGP is right here in the USA and is in San Diego, California and it is here that the company’s four year search ensued. Thirty years of engineering experience and countless hours of trial and error resulted in the unique product available today, a product that made use of the technology successfully used in the Aerospace and Recreation industries.

The pairing of a vehicle-specific clip and the company’s patent-pending stainless steel fastening system led to the development of the impressive product available for your vehicle today. And the goal of developing caliper covers that were form-fitting, met factory wheel clearances, fastened securely and were easy to install was a challenge the experts at MGP faced. But they were undaunted by the challenge and completed a multiplicity of tests such as heat soak testing, on and off road track testing, long term road testing, stress testing and corrosion testing to achieve the desired results.

Of course MGP made use of aerospace grade aluminum and stainless steel, precision CNC machining, hydraulic forming and TIG welding in designing and manufacturing their Caliper Covers so that they could offer their customers a caliper cover of superior quality and durability. Naturally MGP wanted to make your car look fantastic so they worked on developing a varying range of heat-resistant powder-coating colors and giving the customer the ability to choose faux bolt heads engraved into the cover or choosing from a variety of licensed logos for automakers. The added bonus of providing a reduction in brake dust is no small consideration when thinking about a caliper cover and an MGP caliper cover can provide that.

Because the MGP caliper covers are vehicle specific you can be confident of a consummate fit and best of all they are easy to install because they slip right over your caliper and are attached with metal clips. You don’t need to worry about the paint color holding up because the MGP caliper covers come with a guarantee for 3 years that the finish will withstand any heat and corrosion. And if you need brake service on your car then there is no need to worry either because the caliper covers are very easy to remove.

The MGP caliper covers were specifically designed to dissipate brake heat so that heat is diverted away from your brakes and through the top of your factory calipers so no need to worry about trapped heat. MGP Caliper Covers are designed to work with OEM wheels but most aftermarket wheel owners should confirm spacing before placing your order because the MGP Caliper Covers require 3mm of clearance between your stock brake calipers and wheels. Best of all, installing caliper covers will not void your manufacturer’s factory warranty.