2017 Acura ILX Progress Technology Sway Bars: prg rear sway bars


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  • 2017 Acura ILX Progress Technology Sway Bars: prg rear sway bars
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Progress Technology

About Progress Technology

Starting out as a distributor of suspension components over twenty five years ago and ending up as a successful and growing manufacturer of performance handling components sounds like a dream come true. And it certainly was for The Progress Group, Inc when they grew into Progress Technology over a ten year period. When Progress Technology was being developed the company had the right idea when they concentrated on products that were top notch and certain to please, and the result was success in the marketplace.

Admittedly the suspension marketplace is filled with good companies and is very competitive so to stay ahead of the others Progress Technology kept their eye on the ball by concentrating on product development, assuring phenomenal product quality and exceptional performance. Take, for example, the coilover systems available for Honda/Acura that are available in three series to give you a choice; the CS1 for street use and autocross, the CS2 good for both the street and the track and the CS3 for the more aggressive track and drag racer.

And want to get that sway out of your vehicle? Well replace those small OEM sway bars with the phenomenal Sport-tuned Sway Bars by Progress Technology with their larger bars to eliminate that unwanted and sometimes dangerous sway.

Progress Technology, a name you can trust in suspension products, because their products are put to the rigorous tests demanded of racers and are approved by the SCCA, IMSA, SCTA, and the Honda Challenge.