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ISC Suspension

About ISC Suspension

Your car’s suspension includes all of those parts that connect your vehicle to the road and serves a three fold purpose; that of supporting your vehicle, absorbing bumps and shocks and allowing your car to turn in response to steering. But the multiplicity of car designs and the profusion of driving demands results in a need for premium suspension parts that will satisfy the needs of a variety of car enthusiasts. That is no small task and it requires a company dedicated to examining a multiplicity of vehicles and deciding just what is needed to improve the suspension of each make and model. Recognizing the fact that not all of its customers will use their car in the same way the company then needs to determine how to best adapt these to different driving situations

This need for individuality was the impetus for Andrew Wallace to start a company with the goal of providing premium suspension parts that are affordable and applicable to a multitude of situations. That company ISC SUSPENSION has been in business for almost 10 years and its owner has never lost sight of his original goal of providing a quality suspension system to meet your individual driving needs. The ISC SUSPENSION facility in New Hampshire is the site used to design and produce high performance suspension kits, suspension components and wheel accessories that are engineered using quality materials and manufactured with the latest technologies.

Product development is an integral part of ISC SUSPENSION and as a consequence they have an in-house product designer who continually creates new products and upgrades and updates their existing product line to make those even better. And ISC does not stop at the design phase but goes on to conduct extensive research and development as well as strict quality control with products like springs being tested over 500,000 times to assure a quality product.

And if you are in the market for coilovers ISC has an innovation to meet your needs with products like the N1 coilovers and the N1 2015 STi coilovers that can substantially improve your car’s handling and best yet they are affordable. ISC’s ability to offer three unique suspension kits, the Street Sport, Street Comfort and Track Race sets it apart from its competition making it possible for buyers like yourself to choose what best suits your driving requirements whether it be track, drift, stance or street driving and each different valving is geared towards a different consumer’s demands, from comfortable daily driving, to spirited mountain pass driving and even competition driving. And ISC offers an industry leading LIFETIME WARRANTY on all ISC coilovers!

In addition ISC is able to offer its customers suspension control arms, lowering springs and accessories for a variety of cars. Furthermore, as a testament to their success in the racing arena their products can be seen on Formula Drift, Redline Time Attack, NEHA, USCA, SCCA and SCCNH vehicles.

At ISC SUSPENSION you will find a product that is developed with the auto enthusiast in mind and one that is backed by an industry best warranty to assure you of the very best in suspension products to suit your driving needs.