1988 Acura CRX Perrin Performance Sway Bar Brackets


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  • 1988 Acura CRX Perrin Performance Sway Bar Brackets
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Perrin Performance

About Perrin Performance

Since you have navigated to this spot on our website then you must be or anticipate being a proud Subaru owner and are in the market for an aftermarket performance part. LMPERFORMANCE and PERRIN PERFORMANCE can certainly supply you with that. But first let us tell you about the company you want to buy from, PERRIN PERFORMANCE, so that you can make an informed decision.

Let’s start by telling you that PERRIN PERFORMANCE has been in business since 1996 when its owner, Adam Taft began importing and selling performance parts. The company has continued to grow over the years and then in 2002 the company began selling Subaru parts exclusively and manufacturing Perrin Subaru parts under the name PERRIN. As a testament to their success In 2017 the company had grown from having only one employee to having 25 employees, are now housed in a 25,000 square foot facility in Hillsboro, Oregon. All of this affords PERRIN PERFORMANCE the opportunity to offer the Subaru owner the finest aftermarket performance parts on today’s market.

If you are in the market for a performance improvement for you Subaru, PERRIN PERFORMANCE can meet your needs whether it be parts like a cold air intake or a short ram intake, those impressive aftermarket performance parts whose purpose is to allow more oxygen into the combustion chamber thus effectively affording more power. This is all accomplished because the air filter is moved outside of your car’s engine compartment allowing cooler air to be taken into the engine for combustion. And don’t forget that PERRIN intake sound that is impressive under load because it unlocks the sound of your turbo flat-4 and causes your blow off valve to become much more impressive.

Or perhaps you are in the market for a turbo heat shield, that performance part that some laud to be one of the most cost-effective power increasing modifications you could make since it decreases underhood temperatures resulting in better radiator performance, cooler intake charges and longer life for vacuum lines and wiring harnesses and PERRIN PERFORMANCE has just the part for your car.

And for those Subaru owners who want a smoother shifting experience take a look at the PERRIN PERFORMANCE shift stop with its solid construction and ease of installation and see how effortlessly you get off the line and best of all that jerky on-two shift will be a thing of the past. Another impressive PERRIN PERFORMANCE part is the turbo inlet hose whose smooth surface improves airflow that has been restricted by the OEM accordion pleated hose and of course PERRIN made it is easy to install.

We have introduced you to just a sample of the impressive multiplicity of parts designed and manufactured by PERRIN PERFORMANCE. Just go to the website and see for yourself primo Perrin Subaru parts like the turbo up-pipe, cat back exhaust, equal length header, thermal blanket for the up-pipe, or something as simple as a relocation license plate kit and you will see that PERRIN PERFORMANCE has the part to meet your Subaru needs.