2003 Acura CL Tein Shocks and Struts: tein endurapro plus shock


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  • 2003 Acura CL Tein Shocks and Struts: tein endurapro plus shock
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About Tein

It looks like you are ready to improve your car’s performance by upgrading to a better suspension set up and the team at LMPERFORMANCE knows you want to be sure you are dealing with a company you can trust to help you achieve this goal. Whether you are looking for the most cost-effective method of accomplishing this by replacing your vehicle’s Original Equipment springs with a set of performance lowering springs or a more complete suspension system upgrade the team at LMPERFORMANCE is here to help you. We would like to introduce you to one of the more impressive companies designing and manufacturing performance suspension systems, TEIN, INC.

Although TEIN, INC. is a worldwide company with facilities as far-reaching as Japan, China, the United Kingdom and the United States you can be assured of the fact that in each of their facilities they not only sell their products but also support those sales and do research and development in them to improve those products for you unique needs. TEIN, INC’s reputation for quality products stems from the fact that they are not only dedicated to.the the task of designing and manufacturing primo suspension components but they develop products that are specific to the different regions they service and they do this by studying consumer demands, road conditions and vehicle specifications in the area. In order to accomplish this goal, TEIN performs Research and Development and test fitment locally thus assuring its customers superlative performance and durability along with a phenomenal ride.

Take for example their TEIN USA company in Downey, California, that was formed in 2001 after recognizing their was a demand in North and South America for aftermarket performance suspension systems. TEIN did not rest on its laurels but instead established a facility that not only sells and markets their products but also does repairs/revalving, new products testing, demo vehicle preparation and warehousing so that they can give you the product you deserve. In order to provide you with outstanding products TEIN USA established a full Research and Development Center where every product is test filled and road tested to assure you of top quality performance and a better ride but also proper product fitment.

TEIN parts are developed for your specific area of the world and are not available in other parts of the world because you are a unique to TEIN and they have developed a unique product for your needs. And since a preponderance of TUSA sales are United States consumers TUSA has taken that into consideration and consequently the S.Tech, High.Tech, Basic, Super Street, Flex and Mono Flex models were all developed and tested specifically for the American spring rates, valving ride height, and ride height adjustability so that they met the road conditions and consumer demands of this clientele. TUSA was developed with you the American consumer in mind and with a goal of giving you the superlative product you deserve at a reasonable price.

Since you are in the market for suspension products consider all of the above and find out if a TEIN product is right for your aftermarket performance needs.