2003 Acura CL Innovative Mounts Engine Mounts: inm steel mount kit 85a


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  • 2003 Acura CL Innovative Mounts Engine Mounts: inm steel mount kit 85a
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Innovative Mounts

About Innovative Mounts

Are you searching for a motor mount because your car is too noisy or perhaps the engine is vibrating or did a visual inspection indicate you need to replace those old mounts or maybe you are a performance driver and need a tougher motor mount for the track ? Well, Innovative Mounts, a company that has been around for more than a decade, can help with that. Innovative Mounts, with their impressive factory in California, is in the business of designing and manufacturing motor mounts for a potpourri of vehicles, and all of their products are made in America.

Utilizing only the most up-to-date machinery and software, Innovative Mounts, designs motor mounts and other products like traction bars, bushings, shift linkages, transmission actuators and others with excellence of product in mind. Since everything from designing to packaging is done at its California facility every product can be perused and checked during the entire process.

Another important factor to consider is the fact that the Innovative Mounts bushings are manufactured using polyurethane and they are designed to have as little as possible physical contact with the mounting bracket or chassis and are tapered, so no binding here. And best of all you are able to choose the type of mount that best suits your needs because the Innovative Mounts come in various levels of stiffness so whether you are an avid racer or performance driver you will find a motor mount for your purposes. And the color coding by stiffness levels makes it easy to choose the one that is right for your driving needs.