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About Wheel Mate

Wheel Mate certainly has some history behind it as does its parent company Mackin Industries so Wheel Mate certainly has the experience needed to give you a top notch product. And consider the fact that their concentration is on lug nuts and wheel related products and you can be sure that they have their focus on providing the best possible wheel accessory.

Wheel Mate can offer you a lug nut for every application and regardless of whether you simply need a replacement original equipment grade lug nut or need something more specialized like a racing lug nut Wheel Mate can service your wheel. All Wheel Mate lug nuts and other wheel components are of primo quality and made to keep your wheel on your car and be long lasting.

Innovation is the key to success in any marketplace and Wheel Mate is certainly innovative. Take for example their impressive new generation of open end racing lug nut, the Muteki HR 38, made of 50BV30 chrome vanadium, both making steel more easily hardened and chromium helping resist abrasion, oxidation and corrosion. All of this guarantees you a tougher lug nut for those difficult racing days, and the Muteki adapter makes it easy to remove the spline locking lug nuts.

Looking for lug nuts with taper and oversized seats, racing studs, easily installed lug nuts, and even more? Well look no further than Wheel Mate and LMPerformance for lug nuts that have thin-walls and are lighter yet are strong and meant to last.

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