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About Westin

Westin Automotive has been in business for over forty years and specializes in products for truck and Jeep owners so it would be difficult to say they do not have satisfied customers. And, of course, you only get satisfied customers if you provide them with a top notch product and Westin Automotive certainly does that or they would not have survived in the aftermarket arena for this long. If you have an active lifestyle and use your truck or Jeep off-road, or perhaps towing your camper for hunting or exploring then the Westin Automotive products were designed with you in mind.

Their product line includes things like Nerf Step Bars, Running Boards, Grille Guards, Bull Bars, Light Bars, LED Lighting, Bumpers, Winches, Truck Bed Accessories, Tool Boxes, Body Trim, Receiver Hitches and others. So you can see their product line is certainly all encompassing and dedicated to your kind of driving and; if you are still not convinced, Westin is always looking to add to their product line.

Just take a look at the new R5 M-Series Wheel-to-Wheel Nerf Step Bars XD, a variation to the R5M Series, that makes it even easier to get into your cab, all achieved by dropping the actual step surface three inches lower to the ground. Or the new Overland Cargo Rack that lets you store all of that off-road and overland gear and available in a preferred rack length.

Westin and LMPerformance have you covered if you have a truck and are adventurous. So take a look at the variety of products on the LMPerformance website and get on with your adventure.

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