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About Victor Reinz

The Reinz story is an impressive one starting ninety years ago and still going strong even today and there are not many companies who can compete with that. It all started with gaskets for the airplane motor industry that were flat gaskets designed for fixed applications and were manufactured from oil-impregnated paper, asbestos board, rubber-asbestos sheets and asbestos-fiber sheets. From there Hugo Reinz, the company’s founder, began designing and producing gaskets for the automobile industry. But then came the abandonment of the solid-block motor design in automobiles so Hugo Reinz realized a more stable seal was needed and; of course, the rest is history because the company has been redesigning gaskets ever since to meet the ever changing needs of the automobile industry.

Another landmark year, 993, the Reinz company became a part of one of the world’s biggest independent manufacturers of components for vehicles, the DANA Corporation. As a result DANA became the biggest manufacturer of flat gaskets in the world with its two gasket segments, VICTOR in the United States and REINZ in Germany. Revolutionizing the industry is second nature to VICTOR REINZ and it is no surprise that in that same year they developed a multi-layer steel material (MLS) to replace soft gaskets. Fast forward to 1999 and MLS gaskets with partial coating were introduced. And the story goes forward today with VICTOR REINZ ever changing and designing gaskets to keep up with the ever changing automotive world.

The array of gaskets from VICTOR REINZ is impressive and includes gaskets for your exhaust, fuel pump engine, air cleaner or any other part requiring a gasket or seal and you can rest assured they are all made with that incomparable Victor Reinz quality.

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