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Vektor Performance

About Vektor Performance

If you are a proud Porsche owner then the team at LMPerformance knows you will want to be introduced to Vektor Performance because they, like you, are obsessed with Porsche. The company, based in Virginia, is a US company that specializes in engineering, testing and fabricating performance parts for Porsches like yours.

Let’s take a look at the design and materials used in the Vektor Porsche headers and you will have some idea of the quality of these Vektor products. First of all the Vektor Porsche headers are constructed of 321 stainless steel that is similar to 304 stainless steel but with a titanium addition of at least five times the carbon content and because of this titanium addition the thermal properties are exceptional. Then the flanges, designed with half inch stainless steel, are precisely laser cut and to guarantee no diameter loss the tubing is CNC mandrel bent. Next, to guarantee stability at high temperatures, the collectors are designed with 347 stainless steel that is alloyed with columbium to prevent corrosion.

Then the piece de resistance, testing on the dyno, track and street to guarantee you a better ride and great performance. The use of primo laser scanning and 3d modeling assures you of perfect alignment and ease of installation with a perfect fit. Vektor did not stop there but guarantees their headers with a lifetime warranty because they know they have done their best in quality control and testing to assure you their product can be trusted to give you the ride you deserve.

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