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Titan 7

About Titan 7

The team at LMPerformance knows Titan 7 is relatively new in the performance wheel marketplace but it also knows that the combined experience of the owners is more than forty years. It is the products themselves that most impress us and we want to share with you the intricacies of the Titan 7 production and their unique characteristics to see if you agree.

Let's start by saying the Titan 7 wheels are made in their totality inhouse and we mean everything from design to final testing so every facet of the wheel is carefully controlled and not many forged wheel companies do this. The Titan 7 wheel is forged from the finest aircraft grade 6061 Aluminum that is pressurized with 10,000 tons of pressure for shape and grain structure. The result is a wheel with no porosity that is created into eye catching designs that are light yet strong and the limited lifetime structural warranty proves it is a wheel you can count on.

Racers know a racing wheel needs to bend when severely impacted and hold air even if it is deformed and the Titan 7 is designed to do just that. And every Titan 7 Forged wheel has a gear cut knurled bead set that is not only aesthetically pleasing but improves the bind between the tire and the rim to provide an improvement in traction and stop tire slippage.

Stiffness and durability are improved and the weight lessened with the Rigid Spoke Tracer found on every Titan 7 Wheel and this feature will increase your wheel’s capacity to weather wheel deflection or deformation. And the Reinforced Inner Rim Flange on the Titan 7 is designed to improve resistance bending upon impact and gives the wheel prodigious structural strength.

Strong versus weak wheels can make a big difference on the track and the Titan 7 is certainly one strong wheel but it is also a great looking wheel. Combine all of the above with big brake clearance compatibility and a perfect fit and you can see why the team at LMPerformance is impressed with Titan 7.

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