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About Ticon

If you are a racer we know you are concerned about the weight of everything on your car and to that end we want to introduce you to titanium if you are not familiar with its applications. Because titanium products are stronger than steel and are barely half the weight they make a perfect choice when considering a part for your racing endeavors.

But fabricating titanium needs to be done by a company who has the right skills because it is more difficult to form and weld and Ticon Industries has proven itself to be up to the challenge. Since its inception in 2014 Ticon Industries has been fabricating components for racers making it easier for them to find that titanium part they need. You can be sure you are getting CP1, primo quality pure grade titanium because that is what Ticon proudly says it uses.

If you need an extremely lightweight muffler, only 5.4 lbs, then you might want to consider the Ticon Industries Ultralight Titanium Race Muffler manufactured of nonpareil 100% CP1 Grade Titanium throughout. The Ticon Industries Weld Tab and Tension Spring Kit is, of course, of the primo grade titanium Ticon is known for; and they were fashioned with the racer in mind and are great for making your slip fit joint connectors on motorcycles or racing exhausts secure. And if you need to alter tubing sizes in an exhaust system or need an end cap then check out the Ticon Industries Reducer Cones with, of course, the Ticon primo quality titanium and make that transition smooth as can be.

Peruse all of the titanium products by Ticon on the LMPerformance and make your ride lighter.

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