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About Stainless Bros

Ticon Industries, a Texas company manufacturing titanium fabrication components, recognized the lack of primo quality stainless steel fabrication components for a reasonable price and thus was the birth of Stainless Bros. Superior quality in any product can only be attained if every element of the manufacturing operation is carefully monitored. Well, Stainless Bros does just that starting with the extremely important aspect of element content and Stainless Bros has set those standards as high as possible. Needles to say, quality control is meticulous and an important element in providing the customer with only the best.

Take a look at the Stainless Bros OAL Lightweight Muffler, designed with your racers in mind, with its sleek 304 Polished Stainless Steel body, 3 inch tubing,16 gauge wall thickness and only weighing a slight 5.6 lbs; all designed to help you reach that finish line faster. Need a Mandrel Bend? Stainless Bros can help with their superb 304 Stainless Steel tubing, independently bent, featuring laser cut end and for a great look polished to a fine 180 Grit finish then cleaned to perfection.

Having a hard time making that turn on your exhaust and are dreading the time consuming job of making pie cuts? Look no further than the LMPerformance website and Stainless Bros to solve that problem with the Stainless Bros Pie Cuts that are meticulously cut using a laser and are of primo 304 Stainless. So don’t waste your valuable time and potential of error by fabricating your own pie cuts but turn to the pros Stainless Bros and LMPerformance.

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