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About SSR

SSR has been in the business of producing wheels since as far back as 1971 when they produced the first 3 piece wheel, the MK1, and then as a further testament to their ingenuity and drive they utilized the technique known as Semi Solid Forging and the are, in fact, the only manufacturers in the world who produce SSF aluminum rims. The SSF aluminum rims have excellent properties and have more design flexibility and the tooling costs are less so in the end the customer pays less.

And all SSR aluminum wheels, of course, are subject to the strict certification requirements of JWL (Japan Light Alloy Wheel) that requires both testing for impact strength and endurance strength. But SSR is not satisfied with just the JWL certification because they want to give you the best so each SSR wheel also passes a third party standard, VIA (Vehicle Inspection of Japan) testing of strength and endurance. SSR is not finished yet because they also do their own inhouse testing that is purported to be even more rigorous than the aforementioned so they can be absolutely sure you are getting a primo product.

SSR takes their role in providing wheels to be used in the racing circuit very seriously as well and to this end they stay involved in the racing arena using feedback from the racing community to further enhance their products with things like the world’s lightest Type-C and Type-F wheels. But there is no shortage when it comes to aesthetics with SSR because they have a phenomenal offering of wheel types and designs to please even the most discerning customer.

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