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About Smarty

It's always a positive when the company you are making a purchase from specializes in one thing because then you can feel confident that they have expended all of their energy and expertise in one area. Smarty Performance King is just such a company since their product scope is only in automotive electronic products for you, the performance driver. And as you would expect from such a company, everything from beginning to end is done on site and each and every product is individually tested in all of its functions before it leaves the Smarty facility.

Smarty puts itself a notch above the others with its Smarty REVOlution that allows you, the user, to customize your Cummins engine performance tuning software so that you can adapt the tuning when your vehicle’s needs change. And the CaTCHER Software present in models like the SM S 67, the SM S 03, the SM S06 and others provides better throttle response, brings your turbo up to speed faster and can address torque on those slippery roads; and it heralds a host of other advantageous things needed for your kind of driving.

And if you are interested in fine tuning your vehicle then the UDC or User Defined CaTCHER Dongle might be just the ticket since it allows you to program your Smarty with your personalized parameters. And Smarty has designed your UDC Dongle for ease of use because they know that anything else would not be acceptable to their customers. So if you want to feel your car’s power increase all through the whole RPM range and would like the added features mentioned above then consider the Smarty tuner that best suits your needs on the LMPerformance website.

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