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About Recaro

The team at LMPERFORMANCE knows that you want your car to perform at optimum but we also know you want to be comfortable and part of being comfortable is having the right seat in your vehicle. You as a savvy consumer know that all seats are not created equal and we want to give you some information on a manufacturer who produces a top quality product for your car.

You can’t argue with success and part of measuring the success of any business is longevity so let’s take a look at an inimitable company RECARO. Astonishingly RECARO’s history dates back to the year 1906 when a man by the name of Wilhelm Reutter, a master saddler, began developing and producing interior fittings and primo seats for automobiles. Then fast forward to the year 1965 when the RECARO company launched their original retrofit seat for automobiles that revolutionized the industry with the introduction of foam upholstery and their idiosyncratic side bolsters.

Not a company to rest on its laurels, RECARO went on to design their consummate “shell seat” in 1967 and in doing so introduced the company’s first road-legal full shell seat. This nonpareil seat defies competition when it comes to safety, lightweight construction and comfort with a body-hugging seat shell that offers the driver the ability to make adjustments and of course it has foam upholstery.

RECARDO’s ingenuity and forward thinking can be seen in its 1977 product that was introduced under the name RECAROfonie and featured none other than loudspeakers that were incorporated into the seat headrest. Then twelve years later they once again came to the forefront in seat design by ushering in a unique sports seat that featured a back shell that was made of plastic.

Always forward thinking and with your safety in mind RECARO in 2004 revealed the premier retrofitted universal side airbag seat with ABE and they made it available for various models. Then a year later they again made history by introducing to the world their progressive new seat design that was manufactured with the company’s revolutionary lightweight composite shell.

Cognizant of the changing times and their customer’s needs RECARO went on to develop avant-garde features for electrified and comfort-optimized commercial vehicle seats that had autonomous driving as their goal. And then for their most discerning customers they proudly introduced the limited edition RECARO Sportster CS with a sui generis compilation of a primo racing shell and a comfortable sports seat that affords a compelling ride on the road and on the track. For those of you who enjoy the experience that off-road offers the RECARO Cross Sportster ORV and RECARO Pro Racer SPG XL ORV seats were designed with you in mind and they are available in an exceptionally robust seat range.

You can feel confident in a company that has as their goal offering you premium quality and they accomplish this by constructing their seats with exclusive surfaces, ultra light carbon, innovative composites, high end foams, luxury leather, and high-end textiles. RECARO’S has as its objective the delivering of a comfortable product with intransigent safety, reliability and durability.

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