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About Raceseng

It all started in 1957 when a father wanted to design and build a race car, specifically a ¼ Midget for his son, and this project together with a love of racing by father and son led to the creation of Raceseng. And, of course, you racers probably know this is the story of Bill and Glenn Seng and Raceseng. From an early age Glenn Seng was passionate about racing and race cars but now enters yet another racing son, Glenn’s son Jarrett. Then in 2005 Glenn and Jarrett decided it was time to use what they knew, racing and race cars and start their own business, Raceseng, Inc. Who better to design high performance automotive products than someone who has been doing it all their lives.

The Raceseng product line is ever increasing with products for the interior and exterior of your car, the wheels, suspension and engine. You Toyota, Scion and Subaru racers won’t have to worry about smelling burning oil when getting to the finish line because Raceseng has designed a Cam Plate to stop this from happening by replacing your stamped steel original Cam Plate with a billet aluminum one that is absolutely flat and won’t leak.

Want to stop bouncing off your bump-stops? Take a look at the Shock Top by Raceseng and you will see that by extending the shock’s shaft further up into the top mount you can get that lower stance you want without that pesky bouncing off your bump-stops.

There are lots of great products available from Raceseng and you can find them right here on the LMPerformance website.

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