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About Racechip

2008 was an important year for Manuel Go&#776;tz because that is when he started the RaceChip company and due to his diligence and enthusiasm the company has been growing ever since. In fact, the company adds a multitude of new customers yearly to their customer base and that is no small achievement and they can do this because they are now able to design and produce performance enhancements for up to 3000 vehicle models. Although RaceChip had its birth in Germany it is now present throughout the world and has an ever expanding market base. In 2009 RaceChip went on to design the first chip for diesel engines that had pump nozzle technology.

Why should you consider a RaceChip product? Well, if you would like to alter the adjustments made by the manufacturer in areas like increasing torque, improving your fuel economy, changing the algorithm of gear shifting or alter other performance issues then RaceChip products might be just what you are looking for. Best of all, your stock hardware and software remain unchanged because your RaceChip product has a module that stores various fuel maps.

And no one can argue with the easy plug and play installation and making settings is a breeze because of the spectacular RaceChip interface. No problem restoring factory settings and the RaceChip module is easily removable. And take for example the GTS Black Series Chip tuning Box Kit by RaceChip, the primo product for high performance cars with the most up to date hardware and the latest in software, avant garde technology and an encompassing safety and service package and you will see what we mean when we say RaceChip is a name to consider when you want atuning chip for your car.

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