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Since you are in the market for new wheels let the team at LMPERFORMANCE help you in your decision making by giving you a little information on the advantages of replacing your wheels with a high performance alloy wheel. First, of course, is the obvious fact that the alloy wheels are lighter because lighter weight materials are used and lighter weight can result in performance improvement and better handling.

And when choosing a new wheel appearance is a priority to most of us who feel passionate about our vehicles and alloy wheels can give your car that extra special look. Alloy wheels dissipate heat better than their counterparts and less heat can be easier on your car’s tires and that is certainly a plus. Couple this with the potential for increased fuel economy resulting from lighter weight and you have a sure winner.

Now that you have decided you want to go ahead and upgrade your wheels you will want to find a company that can give you the best wheel for the best price with a reputation you can trust. RACE STAR INDUSTRIES is a well respected name in the high performance alloy wheel industry and they are located right here in Missouri producing high performance alloy wheels for cars, trucks and a multiplicity of racing vehicles.

Products like the RACE STAR INDUSTRIES 92 Drag Star and Dark Star wheels are testaments to the company’s ingenuity in design and represent their commitment to offering its customers both street and performance wheels that are lightweight with new wave designs and ease of installation. As an example, you can easily upgrade S197 and GT or LS1 F-bodies without brake caliper modifications. And their new 82 Pro Light, direct drilled street/strip wheel has not only a stylized design but also affords better brake clearance so that it can easily be used on late model muscle cars with their large diameter brake systems.

And innovation is the name of the game at RACE STAR INDUSTRIES with their 63 Pro-Forged wheel that is the premier wheel 15”x 10”-12”-14” &15” in a one piece composition that takes advantage of Friction Stir Fusion Welding that requires no silicone meaning no leaking welds. It is this primo technology that makes it possible for RACE STAR INDUSTRIES to utilize 6061 aluminum rather than the softer 5052 hoop/rim half with a 6061 center welded together used by their competitors.

And testing is the piece de resistance when it comes to quality control and this is certainly obvious in the company’s testing of the Pro-Forged Front Runners when they are tested using the DOT J2530 cornering test. Of course it passed the test with flying colors and although SFI does not require a cornering test on a front runner RACE STAR feels safety is paramount and as a consequence feels the test is essential.

Let’s not forget that all important search for a great look and RACE STAR certainly had this in mind when they introduced the new bronze color wheels in the 92 Drag Star Bracket Racer, 95 Recluse and 32 Mirage series wheels. Check out our affordable RACE STAR wheels and find the one that is perfect for your car.

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