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About Prothane

With an idea of developing outstanding performance parts out of urethane PROTHANE Motion Control formed its company back in 1991 and they knew that the key to success was in designing and producing a product that would meet customer demands for a primo quality part. The fact that they are still in business and successful after all these years is a testament to their dedication and innovative urethane formulas as well as their aim for customer satisfaction. They started PROTHANE Motion Control with fewer than one hundred parts and the company has managed to mushroom that number into a potpourri of parts for nearly every car in the industry. One of the secrets to the success of Prothane Motion Control is the fact that they utilize the very latest in high tech equipment like the SolidWorks 3D CAD based program used in the design phase to assure you of a preeminent replacement part that will fit perfectly. The research and development team at PROTHANE Motion Control has the important task of developing new high performance and longer lasting parts to replace the factory parts that are made of rubber and become weak, especially those areas that are subjected to a lot of stress. The urethane products by PROTHANE, such as Prothane bushings, are manufactured from start to finish in their facility in the United States where everything can be closely monitored to assure you of a preeminent product for your car. Car manufacturers use rubber as a cost saving measure and, particularly during performance driving, this can result in these parts wearing and causing poor handling but with a urethane part from PROTHANE this will not be a problem since they are much more durable than your original factory installed rubber part. The transmission mounts in your car, as I am sure you know, serve a very important role and that is to support your car’s powertrain and concurrently isolate the vibrations produced by your car’s powertrain from the chassis. When your transmission mounts become weak or broken from age or excessive force such as in racing or other forms of high powered driving you could experience several problems: a belt driven fan could possibly hit the fan shroud, the fan could hit your radiator hose, heater or radiator hoses could fail and it could possibly cause your throttle linkage to bind; and none of these would be fun, particularly not at the track. The transmission mounts available on the LMPERFORMANCE web site for your iconic Firebird and Camaro from PROTHANE are of a much smoother product and much more resilient with its polyurethane fabrication and sui generis built in safety interlock feature making them ideally suited to the performance driver who uses his Firebird and Mustang on the strip or for racing. Also available on the LMPERFORMANCE web site are the motor mounts for your Mustang made with steel constructed housing and the primo quality PROTHANE bushings, and urethane Insulation and they are a sure bet for the discriminating driver who wants a more reliable motor mount that will stand up to the harsh treatment it gets at the track. If you have a Camaro, check out these great BMR Motor Mounts that will give you a boost in performance!

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Prothane was launched in 1991 when it started offering superior performance urethane based products. At the time, they started with less than 100 part numbers. Using its special formulations, precise engineering methods and attention to customer’s needs has fueled their growth. They now offer an extensive line of urethane based performance products for cars and trucks. Whether it’s sport compact, European, or domestic car or truck, Prothane has products for it!

How Are Urethane Colors Rated?

Prothane kits are stocked only in red or black urethane. (Hardness/Durometer Ratings Are Not Affected By The Color)

Does Urethane Squeak?

High frequency vibrations that can be heard rather than felt cause squeaking. It is usually created by lack of lubrication, poor installation, incorrect part, or urethane that may be too hard for the application.

Research and Development

Prothane Research and Development focuses on finding the weak and high stressed areas of vehicles’ components where rubber bushings and mounts have become worn and damaged. Using the OEM part as a base, they develop a high performance part to replace it.

Engineering and Design Process

They design all their high-performance components using SolidWorks, a three-dimensional CAD based program. This makes sure all of their research and innovative designs will create the ultimate performance replacement parts for any vehicle.

In-House Machining and Manufacturing

All of their products’ machining, and manufacturing processes are performed in-house in the USA. This allows a high-quality product from beginning to end.


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