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About Protekt

Although this company is in its early stages of development things are looking good for it. We are talking about ProTEKT, a company from California, whose line of products are designed and manufactured right here in the USA. The owner and founder of ProTEKT, Mitch Terry, has motorsports engineering experience that led him on the road to creating a company that would save your bumper.

Have a particularly steep driveway and always cringe when you hear the sound of your bumper scraping the concrete? Well the ProTEKT skid plates were meant for someone just like you and now they are available for a potpourri of vehicles. Although the ProTEKT skid plates are not meant to protect from high obstacles like parking curbs they will give impressive protection for those steep areas like your driveway or those pesky steep parking ramps in garages.

Installation is straightforward and the ProTEKT skid plates come with everything you need for an easy installation, and according to one satisfied customer he had his installed in about 20 minutes without the use of any specialized tools. The ProTEKT skid plates are precisely machined using a CNC machine to assure you a perfect fit and factory mounting holes are used if possible. Material quality is of primo marine grade &#8540; thick high-density polyethylene designed to face even the toughest elements and lots of abuse. And the nylon nuts and full stainless steel metric hardware assure that your skid plate won’t fall off because your attachment screws have rusted away.

If you are the proud owner of a low riding sports car or have a lowered car with a bold airdam or front bumper then you know the feeling you get when you go over a steep surface. So why not stop that heart pounding feeling and install a ProTEKT sturdy and inconspicuous skid plate found on the LMPerformance website and keep that impressive vehicle looking like new.

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