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Precision Turbo & Engine

About Precision Turbo & Engine

1987 was a good year for turbochargers since it was the year that Precision Turbo and Engine (PTE) was founded and the company has excelled in the manufacturing of high performance, aftermarket turbochargers ever since. The facility housed in Northwest Indiana prides itself on the fact that it is renowned throughout the world for its excellence in product quality, performance and customer satisfaction and it is dedicated to continuous improvement and innovation.

As a testament to their expertise in design and manufacturing Precision Turbo and Engine can tout their success in the racing arena where their turbochargers are used by all racing organizations with unparalleled success in not only setting new records but also being first in the winners circle. The Precision Turbo and Engine racers have earned over 119 World Championships and have set 256 World records an unparalleled success in the forced induction manufacturing arena. But their expertise does not stop there since they have been equally successful in the Original Equipment arena providing turbochargers to companies like General Motors.

So that you can feel even more comfortable in selecting a Precision Turbo and Engine product in 2015 the company became ISO 9001 registered assuring you that the quality of service and products was second to none. The ISO 9001 registration is the world’s most widely recognized quality management system and assures the consumer of a quality product that has met rigorous standards of excellence.

Precision Turbo offers a variety of high performance turbochargers to meet your individual needs, including Entry Level Turbochargers for those of you who need a cost effective system that is also a quality product or perhaps the Factory Upgrades model for direct drop in replacement that does not require any modifications. Or perhaps one of these is more suited to your needs: the Aftermarket Replacements that are direct fit upgrade replacements with the Precision Turbo unique Competition Engineered Aerodynamics 2618-forged aluminum compressor wheel or for exceptional power there is the Street and Racing model and Class Legal for you racers and for you owners of an LS engine Precision Turbo designed the LS Series.

In addition to their notable high performance turbochargers Precision Turbo has designed and manufactured equally outstanding heat exchangers with choices including Air- to-Air, Liquid-to-Air and Grand National Specific. For an air/fuel delivery product take a look at the Precision Turbo Plenum Adapters and especially you 1986-1987 Turbo Buick V6 engine owners since it is designed to correct the severe airflow distribution issue with the factory upper plenum in this model.

Precision Turbo knew that upgrading your fuel injectors might be needed when you changed your turbochargers, exhaust headers, throttle bodies, fuel systems, or cylinder heads so they want to offer you a Precision brand fuel injector that is hand selected, flow checked and matched with within 1% of each for optimal performance.

Whether you are in the market for a high performance turbocharger, fuel injector, heat exchanger or Turbo Plenum Adapters the Precision Turbo products may offer you the quality you need at an affordable price.

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