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About Pace Edwards

If you are a truck owner then we want to introduce you to Pace Edwards a company that started out selling sailboat parts and fortunately for you truck owners designed the very first retractable truck bed cover in1988 and the rest is history. Only a dedication to product quality can earn you the position of market leader in any industry and that is no exception in the retractable tonneau cover industry and Pace Edwards is proud to hold this position.

Lots of choices with the Pace Edwards cover for your truck starting with electric or manual. Take as an example the Bedlocker from Pace Edwards that is an easy open with your remote and that can be locked into position for partial access and now it comes in a matte finish. For you sports enthusiasts there is the UltraGroove Electric cover that has that easy access remote but has a T-slot rail system for attaching your sport rack.

And if electric is not for you have no fear because Pace Edwards has a truck cover for you, one like the Full Metal Jackrabbit made of heavy gauge extruded aluminum and black powder coating that can be easily opened manually because of the Pace Continuous Tension Spring. And if you have to occasionally remove your truck cover check out the Switchblade by Pace Edwards that can easily be removed in minutes with the use of just two tools. Want the look of a soft cover then check out the JackRabbit with its weather-resistant, padded ArmorTekā„¢ deck. If you are a truck owner and are in need of a truck cover you are certain to find one from Pace Edwards and LMPerformance.

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