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About Ohlins

Forty years is a long time for any company to stay in business but it is especially true of one in a competitive marketplace like the motorsport industry but Ohlins Racing has managed to do just that and they have done it very successfully. The underlying reason for that is the fact that Ohlins Racing has always kept the important things at the forefront, exceptional quality and good service. High end suspension technology is the name of the game for Ohlins Racing. They are suppliers to aftermarket customers, OEM partners and racing teams and they are determined to give all of them a primo product.

The team at Ohlins Racing is a committed group of professionals who are passionate about finding innovative ways to improve your suspension system and they are proud of the fact that even their aftermarket customers ride on factory racing technology. The company also has a long history with Tenneco that dates back to 1998 when they collaborated on valve technology. Tenneco ultimately purchased a majority of shares in Ohlins Racing in 2018 and the combination of companies served as a further catalyst to success.

Now Ohlins Racing produces over 200,000 shock absorbers, front forks and steering dampers annually and around three million CES valves. One of Ohlins most popular products, the Ohlins Road and Track Coilover Kit, is just one example of the excellence apparent in the Ohlins products. If you want racetrack performance but still want comfort, McPherson Struts on the front and conventional shock on the rear then this is the Coilover kit for you.

It is hard to argue with a company that has experienced more than 300 World Championships plus significant other titles using these superlative Ohlins shock absorbers.

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