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About MRT

Since you are in the market for an exhaust system, a splitter or some other aftermarket specialty item why not give LMPERFORMANCE the opportunity to introduce you to a company that has been providing these products to aftermarket shoppers like yourself since 2003. That company is MRT Products, a company that is located right here in the USA in Plymouth, Michigan where they design and manufacture their sui generis products in house.

Quality is the hallmark of MRT and for that reason they utilize T304 stainless steel grade material for optimum quality and of course they employ CNC mandrel bend machining. And just in case you didn’t know the importance of mandrel bend machining it might be helpful to know that it allows MRT to create a product that is highly accurate, eliminates distortion, is more consistent and reduces imperfections.

Because MRT takes advantage of mandrel bending when they produce their premium exhaust systems your new exhaust will have nice, smooth bends resulting in less exhaust gas flow restrictions and a perfect fit and you can potentially see some increase in horsepower, torque and throttle response. These impressive exhaust systems are available for a multiplicity of makes and models including the Ford Mustang, Chevrolet Camaro, Corvette, Ford Fiesta and Fusion, Dodge and Chrysler, Jeep, Chevrolet SS, Subaru, Slingshot, and others. And for you racing aficionados who feel lighter is better in racing you might just see some weight reduction when you replace your factory exhaust system with the MRT.

And MRT didn’t stop with exhausts but is continuing to add to their product line with things like their impressive race-inspired front splitters, short antennas, window louvers, hood struts and custom shift knobs to further enhance your vehicle. The MRT front splitter for your Ford Mustang was designed with the racer in mind when it comes to style and aerodynamics and it is, of course, of primo quality constructed from tough ABS plastic and can easily be attached to the bottom of the Pony’s front bumper. You will be impressed with the fit and engineering of the MRT Front Splitter and with its ability to balance the downforce in the front and rear of your Mustang.

For a dramatic look on your Mustang consider the MRT Aluminum Rear Window Louver with its sleek styling, one piece design of aircraft-grade aluminum and light weight. The unique hinge design lets you raise the louver on its prop rods so that cleaning the back glass is a breeze. And for you Mustang owners with those pesky 30 inch antennas why not replace those with the MRT shorty antenna (13.5" tall) that is easy to install and will not negatively impact your radio reception.

And the piece de resistance for you Mustang Boss 302 owners, the Black Rally 2-1/8" shift knob with white 6-speed shift pattern and Boss 302 logos that have an impressive high-gloss finish and are manufactured out of the best Partek resin material and best of all they will resist temperature changes so no problem from freezing weather or extreme heat.

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