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About Motul

None of us have been around since 1853 but Motul has, and that is certainly a very long time to be producing motor oil. And not only have they been producing it but the team at Motul has dedicated itself to finding the perfect motor oil for a variety of uses, and they have been doing it since the beginning. Motul had a banner year in 1966 when they formulated Century 21, the very first semi synthetic motor; and the rest is history. High performance went to a new level with the discovery of semi synthetic motor oil, and this newly discovered oil was one of the catalysts for a multiplicity of victories in racing.

Motul, a company always looking toward the future, went on to produce the 300V product in 1971, the world’s original completely synthetic oil. Motul then went on to cultivate metalworking fluids and lubrication products that were needed industrially in 1989. Innovation and a regard for the people they service are the driving forces behind the Motul company and are the reasons for their impressive successes in new product development.

If you are a racer you know you need motor oil that will help you get to that finish line by improving your performance and protecting your engine at the same time. Well, Motul has partnered technically with some of the world’s most impressive teams of racers to develop a motor oil for the racing community, the 300V line of motor oils. But don’t forget about that all important brake fluid because Motul has RBF 660 brake fluid designed for racing brakes. This Motul brake fluid has extremely high dry and wet boiling points and it was created with the racer in mind for those intense temperatures to which racing brakes are exposed.

Whether you are an everyday driver or a racing aficionado Motul is sure to meet your requirements, and don’t forget all of the other equally impressive Motul products on the LMPerformance website.

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