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About Moton

Moton Suspension Technology began developing impressive dampers as far back as 1999 and by the middle of 2000 the company was providing Moton dampers to thirty percent of the starting field in the 24 hours Le Mans. Since that time Moton has been impressively represented in the professional racing arena and the Moton dampers have contributed to a multitude of successful wins in a variety of events.

Then when Moton was purchased in 2010 by AST, a global brand, it continued to design and manufacture high performance shock absorbers for not only professional racing teams throughout the world but for GT and Touring cars as well as for high performance street cars like yours. Implementing user friendly and efficient technology in their suspension products has led to their success in the world market.

You BMW owners will be impressed with the Moton Suspension 2 Way Sport line coilovers that are designed for you serious club racers and high performance street drivers. Its impressive features include remote reservoirs for primo fluid temperature control, ease of installation and height adjustable spring perches. It, of course, offers rebound damper valve adjustment and quick release hydraulic lines are available on many models.

With the change to a Moton Suspension product you can expect things like improved stability and traction, ease of adjustment, the ability to be rebuilt and revalved, reliability and a track proven system. And with models like the Club Sport and Motor Sport you are certain to find a suspension product that meets your individual needs.

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