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About McGard

Lots of companies tout “Made in America” when that is simply not all of the facts but McGard is one of the exceptions because they are able to say that their products are simulated, designed, engineered and manufactured right here in the USA at their Orchard Park, N.Y factory But because the company does not want to deceive their customers they go on to qualify that they do purchase some of their components from other countries and their packaging acknowledges this so there is no effort on their part to deceive their customers and that is surely a plus when it comes to trustworthiness.

Security is the name of the game at McGard with their repertoire of blue ribbon security products like wheel locks and chrome plated lug nuts. A history that dates back to 1966 is another plus when it comes to choosing a product for its safety and security and McGard has that history.

If you are in the market for something to dress up your wheels then look no further than McGard for the chrome plated lug nuts that are the benchmark in the industry when it comes to strength, safety and durability. McGard is so confident of the quality of their product that they guarantee them for life against rusting, chipping or peeling and you can't beat that.

Invention is the cornerstone of success of any product selling company and McGard can certainly step up to the plate in this area with its sui genres one piece wheel lock designed for the automotive aftermarket in 1966. The requirement that the lug nut utilize a special key for removal provides the owner with the assurance that their expensive vehicle wheels will be safe from theft.

Still not convinced well maybe this will convince you. McGard has been the primary supplier of wheel locks to both foreign and domestic auto manufacturers since 1977 and this success further led to the designing of additional products like air bag locks, spare tire locks, tailgate locks, wheel cover locks, winch locks and driving light locks.

The McGard product line available to the automobile customer is a potpourri of products to keep your car safe and secure including wheel locks that are unique in their design because they come in eight different key hex sizes to correlate with the vehicle’s original equipment lug wrench and they have the best chrome plating available in the industry. Everyone likes something that lasts and McGard can certainly fill the bill here with the McGard Tough Nuts that are designed to last for life using McGard’s primo in-house plating technology. And you truck owners looking to secure your tailgate don't have to look any further than McGard for a tailgate lock that does not need to be removed in order to open or close your tailgate. Jeep Wrangler owners know how susceptible their removable doors are to theft and how expensive they are to replace so why not protect them with the inimitable McGard Door Locks that are a breeze to install.

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