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About Maxtrac

If you are ready to lift, level or lower your Truck or SUV 2 WD or 4WD vehicle then give some consideration to a company that prides itself on designing and building suspension products that won’t break your bank and best of all are of first-class quality. That company is none other than MaxTrac Suspension, a product of truck aficionados in 2010 who had a mind to design and build steller yet affordable suspension products. Hard work and dedication paid off for MaxTrac Suspension because they are recognized as one of the premier designers and manufacturers of said products.

Because MaxTrac is able to provide you with not one but three types of suspension product lines lift, leveling and lowering and that puts it far ahead of its competitors. Couple that with their patented designed spindles and you can see how they are a company that is hard to beat. So if you are in the market for one or the other or a combination then check out the products available from MaxTrac Suspension.

If Lift is what you are after for your truck or SUV then you won’t go wrong with the MaxTrac lift system because you will get a precise amount of lift from the MaxTrac spindles and exceptional quality since they are either ductile-iron or forged aluminum and it is hard to beat that combination. And if you are still not convinced then consider the fact that most of the Lift systems are bolt on and will not necessitate little or no modification to your prized vehicle so no problem there.

Not looking to lift but rather to lowering your Ford, Dodge, Chevy or GMC truck or SUV then look no further than MaxTrac for that also. And these lowering kits also feature those impressive spindles to give you that precise lowering you crave and are built to last from ductile-iron or forged aluminum and what can be better than that. Of course they offer a wide range of components to provide moderate to extreme lowering options to give you a smooth ride and are easy to install so what else could you ask for.

Want to install larger wheels and tires on your truck but still want a great ride then look no further than MaxTrac because they have the solution for you with the MaxTrac leveling kits. And no worries here because all of the parts are fabricated right here in the old USA and lower prices will be an added bonus so what are you waiting for?

Allight what about all those component parts you want like blocks and u-bolts, coils, shackles, shocks and spindles, well surprise, MaxTrac has those too so no need to worry there. By now I am sure you can see that MaxTrac can solve your suspension product needs at an affordable price.

Looking for affordability and quality then peruse the MaxTrac suspension parts on LMPERFORMANCE.COM and find the part that meets yous suspension needs in one spot and at an affordable price.

Now Available: Max Trac Suspension is proud to announce our 4.5” lift kit K949942 for the 2020 Jeep Gladiator (JT) platform. Our engineers have been working overtime to come up with a kit that will not only drive great on the road, but perform off the road as well. This kit features American made dual rate front and rear coil springs. These springs are the heart and soul of our kit, and are capable of supporting the weight of any other accessories you’d like to add to your Jeep. We also include our forged steel adjustable track bar which can be easily adjusted and includes factory ends. This kit comes with bump stop extensions, sway bar links, and brake line extensions, with the option to upgrade to either Max Trac shocks or Fox 2.0 aluminum body shocks. Whether you daily drive or trail your Gladiator, Max Trac Suspension has you covered.

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