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About LP Aventure

LP Aventure is a Canadian based company that specializes in the CUV overland and off-road products with an emphasis put on the Subaru Outback, XV Crosstrek and Forester. The production team at LP Aventure is experienced in the off-road product arena and they design and assemble the LP Aventure products using their skill and knowledge for things like lift kits, skid plates, bumper guards, rock sliders, wheels and a host of other products.

As you know the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has set standards for vehicles and one of those is FMVSS 126 requiring an Electronic Stability Control that helps the driver maintain control in critical driving situations. It is especially important that products like the lift kits designed by LP Aventure meet the standards required by FMVSS 126 and we are happy to tell you the majority do because they do not interfere with your Electronic Control System.

The testing required to be in compliance with126 is quite scrupulous and in order to administer the test a custom testing robot, a computer system and data logging equipment are put into the vehicle; then the vehicle is put through a series of tests for steering adjustments and corrections. And the result of this testing was that you can install an LP Aventure system together with the proper wheel and tire package and be in complete compliance with FMVSS 126, but most importantly you can drive your vehicle safely.

A company that goes to these lengths to insure your safety is certainly cognizant of their customers needs and company worth considering. And if you are still not convinced consider the fact that LP Aventure uses stainless steel material for their top plate spacers and they use real human welding to assure you of an exceptional product.

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